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Japanese Yen Weakens Against US Dollar on Higher Risk Sentiment

The Japanese yen today weakened against the US dollar as the markets’ risk appetite increased given the positive performance of European and US equity markets, and the weak demand for the yen. Disappointing Japanese Business Sentiment Index (BSI) data released by the Ministry of Finance also increased the selling pressure on the yen.

Yen Continues to Drop Against Majors

Yen is continuing its drop today against its major counterparts, heading lower as the word spreads that a weaker yen is helping Japanese exports. With the economy picking up and exports on the rise, Japanese officials are likely encouraged by the effects that a weakened yen is having.

Japanese Yen Drops as Funds are Moved Overseas

Japanese yen is heading lower today, dropping against its major counterparts, as Japanese investors purchase overseas bonds and as the data out of China turns out to be better than expected.

Yen Climbs as Hopes for Europe Tarnished

The Japanese yen climbed today, following the last week’s unexpectedly poor performance, as problems in Europe show no signs of subsiding, meaning that safe assets remain in high demand.

Won Climbs on Improving Outlook for South Korean Exports

South Korean won climbed today, along with other Asian currencies, as signs of the economic growth in China and the United States improved outlook for exports of the Asian nation.

Greece May Renounce Euro

The euro posted the biggest drop in a year after speculation that Greece may refuse using the shared 17-nation European countries renewed concerns for stability of the Eurozone.

Zloty Drops After Rally on Anticipation of Interest Rates Hike

The Polish zloty dropped today for the third day after it surged at the beginning of this week, causing the speculation that the currency is overbought.

Polish Zloty Rebounds as Inflation Reaches 11-Month Record

The Polish zloty traded near the opening level today after the initial decline as the inflation climbed to the highest level in 11 months, according to the government’s estimates.

Japanese Currency Weakens on Talks About Intervention

The Japanese yen declined today versus the euro and the Great Britain pound on the speculation that the policy makers would take measures to prevent the currency appreciation, which may hurt the nation’s recovery base on the exports. The currency rose against the US dollar.