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Aussie Unsure Where to Go in Turbulent Environment

The Australian dollar was little changed today against some rivals, while falling versus the strong yen, amid mixed domestic macroeconomic data, poor data from China (Australia’s biggest trading partner), and escalating trade wars between China and the United States.

Australian Dollar Declines on China’s Data, Trade War Fears

The Australian dollar fell today after negative macroeconomic data from China and signs that the United States and China are close to starting a full-blown trade war.

Australian Dollar Gains After Volatile Session

The Australian dollar was rather volatile today. The currency rallied after somewhat mixed domestic macroeconomic data, fell following the release of a services sector report from China, but has recovered by now.

Australian Dollar Extends Decline After Thursday’s Mixed Data

The Australian dollar extended decline today for the third consecutive session versus its US counterpart and for the fourth session against the euro and the Japanese yen. Economic data released in Australia on Thursday was mixed, while China’s manufacturing report was neutral.

Chinese Yuan Retreats vs. US Dollar Even as China’s Manufacturing Grows

The Chinese yuan fell against the US dollar today despite the relatively positive report about China’s manufacturing sector.

Australian Dollar Mixed Despite Support from Economic Data

The Australian dollar was mixed on Thursday despite very positive macroeconomic data, both from Australia and abroad. News from China was especially good as the services sector was expanding with the fastest pace in several years.

AUD/USD Gains After Caixin China Manufacturing PMI

The Australian dollar rallied on the first trading day of 2018 thanks to positive economic data from China. But while the currency managed to hold onto gains versus its US counterpart, the Aussie retreated against other rivals.

Australian Dollar Rallies on Economic Data, RBA Statement

The Australian dollar rallied today following good economic reports from Australia and its main trading partner, China. The statement released by the Reserve Bank of Australia following the policy meeting was also relatively helpful to the currency.

New Zealand Dollar Carves out Gains, Defying Disappointing Reports

The New Zealand dollar managed to carve out some gains today, even though macroeconomic data from New Zealand and New Zealand’s major trading partner, China, was not particularly good.

Australian Dollar Gains, Getting Boost from China Manufacturing PMI

The Australian dollar rose against its major rivals today. Perhaps, decent economic data from Australia’s biggest trading partner, China, helped the currency as domestic reports were far from good.