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Chinese Yuan Surges Despite Data Falling Short of Expectations

The Chinese yuan is strengthening against major currency rivals to kick off the trading week, despite recent economic data falling short of expectations. Investors seem to be more bullish on US-China trade optimism, partially ignoring the latest industrial and retail sales numbers.

Chinese Yuan Rises As New Loans Seen at Five-Month High, Forex Reserves Jump

The Chinese yuan is strengthening to start the trading week as new economic data lifted the currency against several major rivals on Monday. As Beijing begins a trade truce with Washington, foreign exchange reserves were better than expected, which also coincides with new loans expected to surge to their best levels in five months.

Chinese Yuan Gains on Deregulation to Boost Foreign Investment

The Chinese yuan is strengthening against several major currencies on Thursday as the federal government announced it would be deregulating a whole host of industries to encourage foreign investment. This is part of Beijing’s efforts to open its market to the rest of the world and curb the growing number of companies fleeing the world’s second-largest economy amid the trade war.

Chinese Yuan Rises Despite Weak Industrial Output

The Chinese yuan is making gains against its currency counterparts at the end of the trading week. Despite disappointing industrial output figures and reports of long delays for companies to get paid for their goods and services, the yuan will record a weekly gain against the US dollar and the euro.

Chinese Yuan Weakens As State Stimulus, Bearish Forecasts Revealed

The Chinese yuan is weakening against several major currency rivals midweek. As the federal government unveiled its multi-layered stimulus to boost the economy, new forecasts show that economists believe growth could plunge to 2% in the next decade, but not before growing 6% this year.

NZ Dollar Soft After China Slashes Growth Target

The New Zealand dollar slumped against its most-traded rivals today. The likely reason for the significant drop was news from China as domestic fundamentals looked good, giving the currency no reason to decline.

Japanese Yen Jumps on Renewed Cooperation With China

The Japanese yen is posting modest gains against its US counterpart on Thursday after the Chinese government encouraged renewed economic cooperation with the world’s third-largest economy. The yen received a slight shot in the arm on various surveys that show a boost in key sectors. 

Chinese Yuan Strengthens Despite Economic Warnings at WEF

The Chinese yuan is strengthening midweek against its American counterpart, despite warnings from officials about the national economy. The Chinese economy was a key subject of discussion at this year’s annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Tianjin. This comes as the world’s two largest economies slapped tariffs on both of their exports on Tuesday.

Australian Dollar Ignores China’s Growth Target Revision

The Australian dollar gained today even though news from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, was not supportive. Perhaps, the currency gained support from positive domestic fundamentals.

Li Keqiang’s Remarks Drive Yuan Lower

China’s Premier Li Keqiang signaled that policy makers will stimulate the nation’s economy if growth continues to slow. His speech led to a jump of Chinese shares, but the yuan was trading lower at the start of the week.