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USD/KRW Unchanged As Data Disappoints Struggling South Korean Economy

The South Korean won is trading sideways against the US dollar on Tuesday as the national economy failed to improve in August as the effects of COVID-19 continue to linger in one of Asia’s biggest economies. With the coronavirus pandemic diminishing in Seoul, could one of Asia’s worst-performing currencies turn things around in the final quarter of 2020?

South Korean Won Choppy As Investors Fear Potential COVID-19 Lockdown

The South Korean won is trading choppy in the middle of the trading week as investors begin to weigh the possibility of another lockdown related to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite South Korea flattening the curve in March, the nation has been experiencing an uptick in infections for most of August. The country is already in a recession, so another wave of restrictions could exacerbate the downturn.

South Korean Won Weakens on Kim Jong-un ‘Grave Danger’ Reports

The South Korean won has been weakening against multiple currency rivals since it was first reported that North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s health is in “grave danger.” The won has slightly recovered, but investors appear to be waiting for confirmation that the dictator is in good shape. Since rising to power, Kim has been engaging with South Korea, and analysts fear that relations […]

South Korean Won Gains on US Dollar, Ignoring Negative Fundamentals

The South Korean won gained against the vulnerable US dollar today even though fundamentals were not supportive to the Asian currency.

Won Rallies as Investors Buy South Korean Shares

Investors were buying South Korean stocks more than they were selling, resulting in improving prospects for the nation’s economy and a rally of the won due to the inflow of capital.

Won Suffers from Global Economic Growth Concerns

The South Korean won declined today as concerns about global economic slowdown made investors pull their capital away from riskier assets.

Won Rebounds After Sell-Off

The South Korean won rebounded today as regional stocks advanced after yesterday’s sell-off. It looks like traders are returning to riskier assets, reversing earlier losses.

South Korean Won Rises Despite Escalating Political Tension

The South Korean won rose against the US dollar today despite the threat of war between South and North Koreas. The currency remains under pressure as investors are selling South Korean stocks.

Won Drops as on Intervention Worries

The South Korean won fell today on worries that the government may intervene to weaken the currency. The concerns overshadowed the positive influence of optimism about economic growth in China.

Won Falls as Uncertainty Eats Away Risk Appetite

The South Korean won weakened today as uncertainty on the Forex market deterred traders from buying riskier currencies of emerging economies. Investors are looking for Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to deliver his speech at Jackson Hole Symposium.