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Czech National Bank Keeps Koruna Cap Intact

The Czech koruna rose against the euro today after falling yesterday as the nation’s central bank kept interest rates near zero and left the cap on the currency intact during its policy meeting. The koruna rose together with other most-traded currencies against the dollar.

Koruna Weakens as Monetary Accommodation Persists

The Czech koruna fell today after the central bank kept interest rates unchanged and signaled that it will not drop its accommodative policy anytime soon. The bank also kept the cap on the currency.

Koruna Slides as Czech Central Bank Maintains Intervention

The Czech koruna dropped today as the nation’s central bank maintained interest rates near zero and reiterated its commitment to intervene on the Forex market to keep the currency from excessive appreciation.

Czech National Bank Intervenes to Weaken Koruna

The Czech koruna was soft today after yesterday’s announcement of the central bank about an intervention aiming at weakening the currency. The bank left its interest rates unchanged.

Czech Koruna Gains as Central Bank Does Not Intervene

The Czech koruna gained today as the nation’s central bank kept monetary policy unchanged and refused to intervene by selling the currency. Chances for an intervention in the future remain high though.

Czech Koruna Rises, In Danger from Falling Inflation

The Czech koruna rose today even as falling inflation sparked talks about possible intervention. Some analysts think that it is a good time to sell the currency.

Czech Koruna Rises Depsite Prospects for Intervention from Central Bank

The Czech koruna gained today even as the central bank signaled that it may intervene to weaken the currency and spur inflation. The central bank left interest rates near zero at yesterday’s meeting.

Czech Koruna Gains Even as Policy Makers Ready to Weaken Currency

The Czech koruna managed to gain today despite signs that policy makers may refer to weakening the currency as a measure for spurring economic growth in the country.

Czech Economy Stays in Recession, Keeps Koruna Weak

The Czech koruna declined today as the nation’s economy remained in recession. Combination of the domestic weakness and the problems of the eurozone, which hurt prospects for Czech exports, suggests that the economy will not return to growth soon.

Czech Koruna Soft After Central Bank Leaves Rates Unchanged

The Czech koruna fell today after the Czech central bank left interest rates unchanged yesterday and analysts speculated that it may weaken the currency to support the declining nation’s economy.