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Czech Koruna Rallies After Interest Rate Hike

The Czech koruna rallied today after the nation’s central bank surprised markets, raising interest rates despite the threat of a global economic slowdown. Currently, the currency has backed off from the day’s highs but is still trading above the opening level.

Higher Interest Rates Don’t Help Czech Koruna

The central bank of the Czech Republic raised interest rates today, but that did not prevent the Czech koruna from falling against the US dollar.

Czech Koruna Trades Higher Following Interest Rate Hike

The Czech koruna edged up against the US dollar during the current trading session after the nation’s central bank hiked its interest rates.

Czech Koruna Advances After First Interest Rate Hike in Almost a Decade

The Czech koruna advanced against the US dollar today after the central bank decided to hike its key two-week repo rate.

Czech Koruna Falls as Experts Scale Back Rate Hike Expectations

The Czech koruna fell today as analysts scaled back expectations for an interest rate hike from the nation’s central bank.

Czech Koruna Gains on Monetary Policy Outlook

The Czech koruna (sometimes also called the Czech crown) gained against the US dollar today amid expectations of monetary tightening from the nation’s central bank.

Czech Koruna Continues to Appreciate After Cap Removal

The Czech koruna continued to appreciate after the nation’s central bank had removed a cap on the currency last week.

Czech Koruna Soars After Central Bank Removes Cap

The Czech koruna soared today after the nation’s central bank removed the cap on the currency against the euro (CZK27 per euro).

Czech Koruna Slips as Central Banks Warns About Intervention

The Czech koruna fell against the euro today as the nation’s central bank warned about a possible intervention to curb excessive gains. The currency gained on the US dollar.

Deflationary Pressure Makes Czech Koruna Weaker

The Czech koruna sank today due to concerns that deflationary pressure may lead to additional monetary easing from the nation’s central bank. The currency fell more than 1 percent against the US dollar.