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NZ Bounces After Prime Minister Comments on Currency’s Drop

The New Zealand dollar climbed today, bouncing from the multi-year lows it has reached last week, after the nation’s Prime Minister voiced concerns about the size of the currency’s drop.

Fundamentals Prevent NZD from Rallying

The New Zealand dollar attempted to rally today but failed and slid below the opening level. Economic data from New Zealand was not particularly supportive for the currency, and concerns about tomorrow’s manufacturing report from China further eroded bullishness of the kiwi.

NZ Dollar Gains as Fitch Raises New Zealand’s Credit Rating Outlook

The New Zealand dollar gained today as Fitch ratings raised the outlook for the nation’s credit rating from stable to positive, adding to signs that the New Zealand economy performs very well.

NZ Dollar Drops as Government Wants Weaker Currency

The New Zealand dollar dropped today after Prime Minister John Key expressed opinion that the currency’s strength is still excessive and voiced hope that the kiwi will depreciate.

NZ Dollar Climbs as Key Wins Elections

The New Zealand dollar jumped today against all other most-traded currencies after the nation’s Prime Minister was reelected with his party, spurring hopes that he’ll be able to improve the country’s budget balance.

Kiwi Falls as Prime Minister Speaks About Interest Rates Reduction

The New Zealand dollar weakened after Prime Minister John Key said that the interest rates should be reduced. The currency also fell as the tensions in Libya intensified.

NZD Recovers on Speculation Earthquake Won’t Cause Rate-Cut

The New Zealand dollar recovered today slightly, after yesterday’s decline on the earthquake in Christchurch, on the speculation that the markets overestimated the probability of interest rates cuts.

Growing Consumer Prices Bolsters New Zealand Dollar

The New Zealand dollar strengthened today after the report showed that the inflation in New Zealand accelerated in the third quarter of this year, allowing the kiwi to gain versus 14 of 16 most traded currencies.

Kiwi Drops vs. Aussie on Lower Interest Rates

The New Zealand dollar dropped today against its Australian counterpart on the concerns that the Aussie will be more attractive to the investors, interested in carry trade, because of the higher interest rates in Australia.