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US Dollar Rises on Good Friday As Economy Creates 916k New Jobs in March

The US dollar strengthened during the Good Friday trading session, driven by a better-than-expected jobs report. The US economy saw the largest number of new jobs in seven months and blowing past payroll expectations, sending Treasury yields higher. When US markets reopen on Monday, how will investors react to the stellar numbers?

USD/CAD Rises amid Higher Initial Jobless Claims, Falling Bond Yields

The US dollar was mixed against its major currency rivals on Thursday following a disappointing initial jobless claims report. After a decent performance so far this week, the greenback is taking a breather to kick off a new month and quarter. With the US government planning to spend trillions of dollars in infrastructure over the next eight years, can the buck maintain its upward trajectory?

Canadian Dollar Surges amid Higher Bond Yields, Strong Jobs Report

The Canadian dollar strengthened against its US counterpart to close out the trading week, buoyed by a better-than-expected jobs report and rallying bond yields. Despite some tepid hiccups this year, the loonie has gained about 2% against the greenback so far in 2021. With rising energy prices and the economic recovery advancing, the Canadian dollar might have more room for growth. According to Statistics Canada, the economy added 259,200 new […]

US Dollar Index Rallies Above 92.00 on Market Turmoil, Stellar Jobs Report

The US dollar is finding strength in chaos in the financial markets and a better-than-expected February jobs report. The greenback has been rising over the last week amid turmoil in the equities arena. With positive economic data, the buck could strengthen even more, continuing to defy market expectations for a bear market in the dollar.

Pound Falls on Risk-Off Mood, Later Rallies on COVID-19 Vaccine Progress

The Sterling pound today fell against the dollar amid slow trading conditions occasioned by the lack of major releases from the UK and US dockets. The GBP/USD currency pair later recovered most of its losses as the pound rallied with US markets closed for Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

US Dollar, Treasurys Rise As Economy Lost 140,000 Jobs

The US dollar is looking to log a gain in the first trading week of 2021 as investors potentially seek refuge in the conventional safe-haven asset. The US government reported a worse-than-expected jobs report for December, driven by a resurgence in the coronavirus pandemic that is approaching 300,000 new infections per day. Is the greenback on the verge of facing a correction higher?

US Dollar Flat As 10-Year Treasury Tops 1% Amid Georgia Special Election

The US dollar is struggling to find direction in overnight trading as the Georgia runoff elections go down to the wire. With control of the US Senate in the balance, financial markets have been paying close attention to the electoral outcome of the race that is critical for both parties. The result could have a considerable impact on fiscal policy moving forward.

US Dollar Adds to Weekly Loss Amid Slowest Employment Growth Since May

The US dollar maintained its downward trend to finish the trading week after the US government reported the slowest employment growth rate since May. The disappointing November jobs report coincided with a resurgence in coronavirus cases, as well as jurisdictions imposing new lockdown measures. The lackluster labor snapshot did not hit the financial markets, adding to the traditional safe-haven asset’s 2020 woes.

US Dollar Struggles on Better-Than-Expected October Jobs Report

The US dollar is struggling to plug the hemorrhaging to finish the trading week. The greenback has been cratering against many of its major currency peers this week as a bit more certainty over the 2020 election result and a substantial rally in stocks sent the buck lower. With a better-than-expected October jobs report, is the dollar in store for greater losses in November?

US Dollar Plunges As Jobless Claims Fall to Pandemic Low, Stocks Rally

The US dollar is plunging against most of its currency rivals on Thursday as the number of Americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits declined to a pandemic low. With the 2020 US presidential election looking a little more certain in former Vice President Joe Biden’s favor, the broader financial markets are rallying, which has sparked a selloff of the greenback. Will a lower dollar be the norm in the home stretch of 2020?