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US Dollar Stalls As Economy Creates 4.8 Million Jobs in June, Factory Orders Surge

The US dollar is stalling against many of its G10 currency rivals on Thursday after a strong and better-than-expected June jobs report. The stellar labor reading sparked a rally in the stock market, raising the risk tolerance of traders in equities. After the last couple of weeks of investors being spooked by a resurgence in coronavirus cases, the millions of new jobs suspended these fears for now.

US Dollar Tries to Find Direction After Week of Strong Data

The US dollar is looking to find direction on Monday after a week of strong economic data. It will be a relatively quiet few days on the data front as all eyes will be on geopolitical developments and the June Federal Reserve policy meeting. The greenback’s movement will essentially depend on if the economic recovery is continuing or if the coronavirus pandemic still has a stranglehold on the US and the rest of the world.

US Dollar Slumps As Economy Unexpectedly Adds 2.509 Million New Jobs in May

The US dollar is slumping against its G10 currency counterparts to close out the trading week as the economy unexpectedly added 2.509 million new jobs in May. While this is great news for the US, investors are reducing their positions in the greenback and pouring into equities. Since there is less concern over the broader economy, traders feel more confident to move away from safe-haven assets and into stocks.

US Dollar Weakens As Economy Lost Historic 20.5 Million Jobs in April

The US dollar is weakening against most of its G10 currency counterparts at the end of the trading week. All eyes were focused on the April jobs report as the national economy lost more than 20 million jobs last month. Is the worst over, or is the US bracing for the real economic storm?

US Dollar Uncertainty Despite Strong February Jobs Report, Trade Data

The US dollar is mixed against several currency rivals to close out the trading week as a blend of strong February jobs data, the coronavirus, and financial market turmoil is causing widespread confusion. Will the greenback rebound or will it continue its fall?

Canadian Dollar Mixed As Housing, Jobs Data Unable to Trigger Momentum

The Canadian dollar is trading mixed against multiple currency rivals to kick off the trading week, despite bullish housing and jobs data that should have buoyed the loonie. The paucity of momentum will be more pronounced as the Canadian dollar may trade sideways ahead of the central bank’s policy announcement later this week. Will the currency reverse its downward trend?

US Dollar Jumps on Strong January Jobs Report

The US dollar is soaring against many major currency rivals to close out the trading week, driven by a better-than-expected January jobs report. This comes as the US economy enjoyed a plethora of positive numbers this week that have made investors question if the slowdown is as prevalent as analysts say it is.

US Dollar Rises on Decline in Trade Deficit, Jobs Data

The US dollar is rising midweek on strong economic data and the rebound in global financial markets. Despite the Wuhan coronavirus significantly affecting China and spreading to other countries, traders are confident that the outbreak will be contained. The greenback is mirroring its performance from early last year as it is already up close to 2% so far in 2020.

US Dollar Mixed Amid Soft December Jobs Report

The US dollar is mixed against its currency rivals at the end of the trading week, buoyed by a tepid jobs report that fell short of the market forecasts. The December labor report suggested that job creation may be tapering off in a robust economy.

US Dollar Surges on 266,000 New Jobs in November

The US dollar is soaring to close out the trading week, buoyed by a terrific November jobs report that suggested the labor market is strong. For months, it had been stated that the jobs market was resilient but following this report, analysts could make the case that it is a force to be reckoned with.