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Euro Rallies on Upbeat Sentiment, Positive Euro Area PMIs and Weak Dollar

The euro rallied higher, boosted by the positive manufacturing PMI prints from across the euro area released by Markit Economics in the early European session. The EUR/USD currency pair also benefitted from the dollar’s overall weakness driven by falling US 10-year Treasury yields and the upbeat investor risk appetite.

USD/CAD Rises amid Higher Initial Jobless Claims, Falling Bond Yields

The US dollar was mixed against its major currency rivals on Thursday following a disappointing initial jobless claims report. After a decent performance so far this week, the greenback is taking a breather to kick off a new month and quarter. With the US government planning to spend trillions of dollars in infrastructure over the next eight years, can the buck maintain its upward trajectory?

Euro Falls Despite Positive German GfK Data as US GDP Beats Estimates

The euro fell against the dollar for the third consecutive session despite the release of upbeat consumer data from Germany amid weak investor sentiment. The EUR/USD currency pair later extended its losses after the release of upbeat US macro reports, which boosted the greenback at the euro’s expense.

US Dollar Index Lifted by Bullish Jobless Claims, Powell’s Pullback Comments

The US dollar is recording gains on Thursday following a better-than-expected initial jobless claims report. As the broader financial markets continue their lackluster performance, investors have been pouring into the conventional safe-haven asset to shield their capital from the losses. The buck has maintained its stellar 2021 performance amid economic uncertainty.

Euro Falls Against Resurgent Dollar As Lagarde Plays Down Rising Inflation

The euro fell against the dollar, erasing most of yesterday’s gains after the dovish FOMC rate decision as the dollar recovered, surging higher. The EUR/USD currency pair fell amid a risk-off market environment as investors gravitated towards the higher-yielding dollar while dumping the riskier currencies.

Pound Tumbles After BoE Keep Rates Steady Amid Rising US Treasury Yields

The Sterling pound fell against the dollar following the Bank of England’s dovish interest rate decision despite a unanimous vote to maintain the current rates. The GBP/USD currency pair’s decline was also fueled by the rising US Treasury yields, which boosted the dollar at the pound’s expense. The pair later recouped some losses.

US Dollar Rises on Higher Treasury Yields, Jobless Claims

The US dollar bounced back from Wednesday’s loss, rallying on concerns in the broader financial markets and economy following the latest initial jobless claims. The greenback also jumped on the bump in Treasury yields, with investors anticipating higher inflation. Can the buck claw back from its recent weakness?

US Dollar Weakens As Initial Jobless Claims Fall to Five-Month Low

The US dollar weakened for the second consecutive session on Thursday as improving jobs data and another rally in the broader financial markets reduced the currency’s safe-haven appeal. The greenback has come under pressure this week restarting its surprising 2021 rally. With inflation fears widespread and the economy ostensibly recovering, is it high noon for the dollar?

US Dollar Index (DXY) Rises As Initial Jobless Claims Beat Estimates

The US Dollar Index (DXY) rose above the key 91.00 threshold on Thursday as initial jobless claims came into focus, as well as the performance in the broader financial markets. The greenback has been taking advantage of the subpar and uncertain trend in the equities arena. Will the index’s next target be 92.00?

Euro Rises to 6-Week Highs on Upbeat Euro Area Data, Risk-On Sentiment

The euro soared against the dollar amid a series of upbeat macro releases from across the euro area combined with the positive investor sentiment. The EUR/USD currency pair’s rally was also boosted by positive comments from a senior European Central Bank policymaker and the dollar’s weakness.