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Swiss Franc Appreciates Ahead of Referendum

The Swiss franc erased its earlier losses against the US dollar and gained against the euro today. The Swissie was experiencing upward pressure recently on speculations that possible changes to central bank’s policies might lead to issues with keeping the currency-cap.

Currency Cap Stays as Long as Needed, Swissie Drops

The Swiss franc fell yesterday and maintained losses today as central bank’s Vice President Jean-Pierre Danthine indicated that the cap on the currency stays as long as the economic situation warrants. The currency managed to register gains versus the Japanese yen.

Swiss Franc Drops After Danthine’s Comments

Swiss National Bank Vice President Jean-Pierre Danthine said that the central bank will drop the currency cap when it starts raising interest rates. Such comments could have boosted the Swiss franc if not the fact that the SNB is not going to lift rates in the foreseeable future.

Swiss Franc Weak on Signs SNB Wants to Preserve Ceiling

The Swiss franc fell on signs that the Swiss National Bank will preserve the cap on the currency as the economy does not recover fast enough to warrant changes to the current policies.

Franc Rises, Will SNB Intervention Follow?

The Swiss franc rose against the US dollar amid speculations that Greece is struggling to persuade creditors into forgiving part of the nation’s debt. The currency was falling against the euro and the yen on prospects for Swiss central bank’s intervention, but closed almost unchanged.

Swiss Franc Boosted by Surge of Inflation

The Swiss franc jumped against 14 of 16 most-traded currencies after the report showed that the rate of inflation growth in Switzerland unexpectedly increased in March.

Franc Appreciated as Deflationary Concerns Waned

The Swiss franc advanced against the euro today to the record high level after the Swiss National Bank said that it’s not likely to intervene to prevent the franc’s appreciation.

Franc Falls Versus Euro as SNB Attempts to Prevent Appreciation

The Swiss franc fell versus the euro on the speculation that the central bank was performing the selling of the currency to prevent its excessive appreciation because of the slowing economic recovery.