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Shekel Gains vs. Dollar as Israeli Central Bank Prefers to Keep Rates Stable

The Israeli new shekel gained against the US dollar (but fell versus the euro) as the nation’s central bank refrained from cutting interest rates at today’s policy meeting even though Israel’s economy is struggling.

Israel’s Central Bank Maintains Key Interest Rate, Shekel Down vs. Dollar

The Israeli new shekel fell against the US dollar today even though the nation’s central banks decided to keep its main interest rate unchanged at yesterday’s monetary policy meeting as the outlook for Israel’s economy was relatively positive. The currency gained on the euro.

Bank of Israel Cuts Main Interest Rate to Record Low

The Bank of Israel surprised the Forex market today, cutting its benchmark interest rate unexpectedly, following the same move in the previous month. This led to a huge slump of the Israeli shekel.

Malaysian Ringgit Suffers from Geopolitical Risks

The Malaysian ringgit dropped today, leading other Asian currencies in decline, as geopolitical tensions made Forex market traders reluctant to buy riskier assets of emerging markets.

Shekel Gains on Dollar as Bank of Israel Maintains Interest Rates

The central bank of Israel left its main interest rate unchanged, surprising Forex market participants. This allowed the Israeli New Shekel to rise against the US dollar today, though the currency retreated against the euro.

Israeli Government Does Not Want Strong Shekel

The Israeli new shekel fell today as Israel’s government voiced concern that a strong currency damages nation’s exports and economy.

Shekel Drops as USA Signal About Attack on Syria

The Israeli new shekel declined today as political tensions in Middle East escalated after the United States signaled about possible attack on Syria in case the Middle Eastern country uses chemical weapons.

Bank of Israel Keeps Shekel Appreciation in Check

The Israeli new shekel fell today as the central bank was buying dollars to keep currency’s appreciation in check. The shekel was already weakening on the previous actions of the bank.

Bank of Israel Surprises Again, Shekel Weakens

The Bank of Israel surprised Forex market participants for the second time this month, cutting interest rates yet again on today’s meeting. The Israeli new shekel weakened after the decision.

Israeli New Shekel Mixed After Bank of Israel Cuts Interest Rates

The Bank of Israel made an unexpected move yesterday, cutting its benchmark interest rate. The Israeli new shekel dropped versus the euro today, but rose against the US dollar.