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Canadian Dollar Moves Lower Even as Crude Oil Rallies

The Canadian dollar fell a bit today even as prices for crude oil, Canada’s major export, rallied during the Monday’s session. Market analysts argued that the reason for that is diminishing prospect for an interest rate hike from the Bank of Canada.

Indian Rupee Bounces as Rally of Oil Prices Falters

The Indian rupee gained today as falling prices for crude oil eased fears about potential increase of the nation’s trade balance deficit. The currency was heading for a first weekly gain in a month.

Japanese Yen Moves Higher After May CSPI

Japanese yen is higher today, gaining ground against its major counterparts, following the release of May CSPI data. With concerns about what might be next on a global scale, there is a bit of an interest in safe haven. On top of that, with signs that the Japanese economy is recovering, there are some thoughts that the Bank of Japan won’t need to keep the yen weak.

Conflict in Iraq Results in Risk Aversion, Ringgit Falls

The Malaysian ringgit dropped today, reaching the lowest level in a week, as the escalating conflict in Iraq resulted in the risk aversion sentiment on the Forex market and made investors less willing to buy riskier assets of emerging markets.

Rupee & Rupiah Continue to Fall on Conflict in Iraq

Asian currencies declined today as the conflict in Iraq kept driving prices for crude oil higher, endangering economies of emerging markets. The Indian rupee and the Indonesian rupiah led the decline.

Tensions in Iraq Increase Demand for Yen as Safe Haven

The Japanese yen advanced today as concerns about escalating tensions and the threat of a war in Iraq increased demand for safer assets among investors. The yen, being one of such assets, profited as a result.

Iraqi Dinar Gains vs. Dollar, Falls Back to Opening

The Iraqi dinar gained against the dollar today, but fell back to the opening level later as tensions between Sunni, Shi’ite and Kurdish political groups intensify, adding to the political turmoil and preventing an introduction of the much needed oil law.

Iraqi Dinar: Main Drivers & Redenomination

Iraqi dinar can be an interesting option for traders who look for currencies with great potential for profit. But such potential often comes with higher risk. How investor can predict performance of the dinar?

Iraqi Dinar Weakens on Outlook for Budget Deficit

Iraqi dinar slipped today on the speculation that Iraqi budget would post the deficit next year, decreasing the appeal of the currency.

Is Iraqi Dinar New Opportunity or Tool for Scam?

The new Iraqi dinar, introduced in 2003 after the fall of the Hussein’s rule, became popular among some investors, who hope it would become much more valuable soon and would bring a big profit. Are such hopes justified or buying the dinar is buying the worthless paper?