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CHF Retreats vs. EUR After Trading Near Highest Since Brexit Vote

The Swiss franc gained on the US dollar during the current trading session. The Swissie fell against the euro, but its daily high was near the highest level since the Brexit announcement.

Brazil’s Central Bank Intervenes to Weaken Real

The Brazilian real dropped today after the central bank intervened on currency markets to curb the excessive appreciation of the real.

Threat of Intervention Discourages Traders from Buying Yen

The Japanese yen traded lower today as the threat of an intervention continues to loom over the currency, discouraging traders from buying it.

Yen Falls as Taro Aso Talks About Intervention

Japan’s Finance Minister Taro Aso signaled that an intervention into the currency market in order to weaken the Japanese yen would not be against the agreement of the Group of Twenty. Unsurprisingly, the yen dropped after such remarks.

Mexican Peso Touches Record Low vs. Dollar

The Mexican peso declined today, reaching the all-time low versus the US dollar, as risk aversion continued to dominate markets and crude oil extended its decline, hurting currencies associated with risk.

Vietnam’s Central Bank Devalues Dong

The Vietnamese dong dropped today as Vietnam’s central bank devalued the currency for the third time this year. Nation’s policy makers weakened the currency in hopes to counter the fallout from Chinese economic slowdown and potential currency wars.

Czech Koruna Slips as Central Banks Warns About Intervention

The Czech koruna fell against the euro today as the nation’s central bank warned about a possible intervention to curb excessive gains. The currency gained on the US dollar.

Swiss Franc Recovers Despite Actions of SNB

The Swiss franc gained today against the US dollar and the euro as the risk-negative sentiment on the Forex market drove investors to the safety of the Swiss currency. Initially, the Swissie traded lower versus the greenback due the intervention from the central bank.

Swiss Franc Trades in Tight Range

As the majority of currencies, the Swiss franc rose against the US dollar and the Japanese yen but fell versus the euro during the current trading session. It was rather surprising behavior, considering that news from Europe was not good.

Swiss Franc Rebounds After Drop on Intervention Speculations

The Swiss franc dipped earlier today on speculations that the Swiss National Bank will intervene to bring the exchange rate down. The currency bounced later and trades above the opening level against the US dollar as of now.