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Euro Rallies Higher on Upbeat Mood Despite Mixed Euro Area Data

The euro rallied against the dollar boosted by some positive releases from the euro area, while some negative macro reports limited the single currency’s gains. The EUR/USD currency pair also benefitted from the drop in US 10-year Treasury yields as investors wait for President Joe Biden’s infrastructure spending plans.

Euro Falls Despite Positive German GfK Data as US GDP Beats Estimates

The euro fell against the dollar for the third consecutive session despite the release of upbeat consumer data from Germany amid weak investor sentiment. The EUR/USD currency pair later extended its losses after the release of upbeat US macro reports, which boosted the greenback at the euro’s expense.

Euro Edges Higher on German GDP, Later Falls on Soaring US Yields

The euro initially edged higher against the dollar, boosted by investor sentiment and positive data from Germany, before reversing and heading lower later in the session. The EUR/USD fell as US Treasury yields soared, lifting the dollar despite the Fed chair Jerome Powell’s dovish stance on the central bank’s monetary policies.

Euro Rallies Against Dollar on Upbeat German PPI, and Eurozone PMIs

Today, the euro rallied higher against the much weaker dollar, extending yesterday’s gains buoyed by the positive euro area PMI reports released by Markit Economics. The EUR/USD currency pair rallied higher as investor sentiment towards the single currency turned bullish, boosted by the region’s improved COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Euro Falls on Sour Mood and Vaccine Concerns, Ignores Upbeat GDP

The euro fell against the much stronger dollar for the second consecutive day as the greenback rallied higher boosted by America’s positive growth prospects. The EUR/USD currency pair’s decline was also fueled by the upbeat investor sentiment favouring safe-haven assets that saw US Treasury yields rise.

Euro Rallies on Upbeat German GDP, Jobs, and Import Data

The euro rallied higher against the dollar boosted by the upbeat German Q4  GDP report, which beat analysts’ expectations after the German economy expanded. The EUR/USD currency pair’s rally was fueled by other positive reports from across the euro area and the positive investor sentiment, which boosted risky assets.

Euro Rallies on ECB Rate Decision Despite Dovish Comments by Lagarde

The euro rallied against the dollar today buoyed by the elevated risk appetite that saw the greenback sidelined in favor of riskier assets such as the single currency. The EUR/USD currency pair hit its daily highs after the European Central Bank released that it was leaving interest rates unchanged as expected after today’s meeting.

Euro Rallies on Upbeat Sentiment, Later Falls on Weak German Inflation

The euro today initially dipped against the dollar as Democrats took the lead in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, which could lead to a shift in US corporate laws. The EUR/USD currency pair later rallied as investor sentiment improved despite IHS Markit releasing several disappointing PMI prints from across the euro area.

Euro Rises on COVID-19 Vaccine Hopes and Positive Risk Sentiment

The euro today inched higher against the dollar as investor risk appetite increased slightly on hopes that the US Congress will reach a stimulus deal soon. The EUR/USD currency pair’s rally was also boosted by news regarding the approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in the US and the fast-tracking of the same in Europe.

Euro Rallies to 3-Month Highs on Upbeat Euro Area Data Releases

The euro today rallied to new highs last seen on September 1st against the weak dollar boosted by upbeat macro reports from the euro area. The EUR/USD currency pair today rallied higher boosted by the upbeat French GDP report and other positive data from other EU countries.