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Canadian Dollar Flat As Oil Slumps, Manufacturing Rebounds

The Canadian dollar is trading flat against its G10 currency rivals at the end of the holiday-shortened trading week. The loonie has been gaining against several of its counterparts over the last week, despite an influx of disappointing economic data. With energy prices firmly rebounding and the investors selling the US dollar, could the Canadian dollar have a strong second half?

US Dollar Stalls As Economy Creates 4.8 Million Jobs in June, Factory Orders Surge

The US dollar is stalling against many of its G10 currency rivals on Thursday after a strong and better-than-expected June jobs report. The stellar labor reading sparked a rally in the stock market, raising the risk tolerance of traders in equities. After the last couple of weeks of investors being spooked by a resurgence in coronavirus cases, the millions of new jobs suspended these fears for now.

Chinese Yuan Tries to Recover After Drop in Exports, PBoC Stimulus

The Chinese yuan is falling against a myriad of currency competitors on Tuesday as it attempts to recover after a decline in exports. The yuan has stabilized in recent weeks due to the world’s second-largest economy hitting the reset button, but the currency is still above the seven-threshold against the US dollar and other major rivals.

US Dollar Rises As First-Time Jobless Claims Dip Below Two Million

The US dollar is strengthening against its G10 currency rivals on Thursday after the federal government reported that the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits came in below two million for the first time in 12 weeks. This adds further evidence that the job-loss trend peaked and that the US economy is likely emerging from the doldrums of the coronavirus pandemic.

Chinese Yuan Slips on Reports US Considering Canceling Debt Owed to China

The Chinese yuan is weakening against its major currency competitors midweek on reports that the US administration is considering canceling all or part of the roughly $1.1 trillion debt owed to China. According to local reports, Beijing is now mulling over a plan that would reduce its holdings of Treasurys as part of overall efforts to diversify the nation’s foreign exchange reserves.

US Dollar Weakens As Treasury to Borrow Record $3 Trillion in Q2

The US dollar is weakening against some of its G10 currency counterparts on Tuesday as the federal government announced that it would borrow $3 trillion in the second quarter. The US government has been going on a spending spree to contain the coronavirus pandemic’s economic fallout, making Washington poised for a $3.8 trillion deficit for the fiscal year 2020. The greenback is also getting a hit on disappointing economic data that continues to highlight the outbreak’s […]

Chinese Yuan Flat As Imports, Exports Beat Bearish Estimates

The Chinese yuan is flat on Tuesday after new trade data came in better than what the experts had projected. A couple of economic reports from China are highlighting that the situation is not as grim as what many investors first thought. Is the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic proving to be a case of hope for the best and expect the worst?

Euro Surges After Fed Announces New $2.3 Billion Stimulus Package

The euro today rallied higher against the US dollar after the US Federal Reserve announced a $2.3 trillion stimulus package to aid small businesses. The EUR/USD currency pair hit a new weekly high boosted by the risk-on market mood as global equities rallied higher.

US Dollar Holds Steady As Initial Jobless Claims Surge 6.6 Million

The US dollar is holding steady on Thursday after the federal government reported that initial jobless claims doubled week’s total and topped 6.6 million. The coronavirus pandemic continues to take a toll on a once robust and resilient labor market, and it is unclear as to when Americans will return to the workforce. Despite the federal government’s $2.2 trillion stimulus package that includes direct income support, how much longer can the world’s […]

US Dollar Uncertainty Despite Strong February Jobs Report, Trade Data

The US dollar is mixed against several currency rivals to close out the trading week as a blend of strong February jobs data, the coronavirus, and financial market turmoil is causing widespread confusion. Will the greenback rebound or will it continue its fall?