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Euro Rallies on Upbeat Sentiment, Later Falls as Dollar Recovers

The euro today rallied higher against the US dollar buoyed by the positive investor sentiment and mostly in-line macro reports from across the euro area. The EUR/USD currency pair edged higher for the fifth consecutive session as the dollar remained on the back foot due to the looming November US Presidential elections.

Euro Rallies on Investor Sentiment, Later Falls on US Dollar Strength

The euro today posted gains against the US dollar earlier in the session buoyed by investor sentiment amid optimism about the economic recovery in Europe. The EUR/USD currency pair later gave up its gains as the greenback rallied amid the risk-off market environment as most European equities sold off at the open and headed lower.

Australian Dollar Soft as Market Sentiment Worsens

The Australian dollar traded lower for the most part today as traders’ optimism was evaporating. The relatively positive Chinese macroeconomic data was unable to provide the Aussie a boost. Economic indicators in Australia itself were mixed.

Euro Rallies as Some EU Countries Reopen Businesses and Schools

The euro today rallied higher against the US dollar as some European countries announced new measures to ease some of the restrictions put in place to fight the coronavirus. The EUR/USD currency pair reversed yesterday’s downtrend and rallied higher today driven by investor optimism about a return to normalcy across the eurozone.

Euro Sidelined by Coronavirus Despite In-Line German Inflation Data

The euro today traded with a negative bias against the US dollar extending its losing streak for the fourth straight session as the risk-off sentiment dominated markets. The EUR/USD currency pair’s performance was also negatively affected by the rising coronavirus cases globally, which has seen investors buy the safe-haven greenback.

Australian Macroeconomic Data Beats Expectations, Aussie Unimpressed

The Australian dollar fell against its most-traded rivals today despite the better-than-expected domestic macroeconomic data. The Aussie, as well as other commodity currencies, continued to be dragged down by fears of the coronavirus that has originated in China but is now spreading across the world.

US Dollar Mixed on October Retail Sales, Manufacturing Index

The US dollar is struggling to find direction against multiple currency rivals at the end of the trading week. The greenback is trading sideways after new retail sales, manufacturing, and trade data showed a mixed portrait of the national economy last month.

US Dollar Takes a Breather After Strong Data Sparks Rally

The US dollar is taking a breather midweek following a strong session on Tuesday, driven by strong economic data that left investors feeling ebullient. A string of housing numbers did come out, but the market did anticipate weakness in the sector, which could adjust traders’ minds about the world’s largest economy being on solid footing.

US Dollar Mixed on Lower-Than-Expected Inflation Data

The US dollar is mixed against several major currency rivals midweek after new lower-than-expected inflation data was released. Prices have proven to be major drivers of the greenback this week, mainly because there have been little updates to the US-China trade dispute and the brief US-Mexico trade spat concluded. On monetary policy, it will likely be speculation until the next Federal Reserve meeting.

Australian Dollar Rallies on Back of China’s Improving Data

The Australian dollar gained against most of its major rivals today thanks to the better-than-expected macroeconomic reports released in China, Australia’s biggest trading partner. Data in Australia itself was somewhat mixed, but none of the reports released today was outright negative.