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Sterling Pound Tumbles to 11-Month Lows on Negative Sentiment

The Sterling pound today dropped to new 11-month lows following the resurgence of the US dollar amid negative investor sentiment towards the pound. The GBP/USD currency pair was weighed down by the looming fears of a no-deal Brexit as well as the ongoing trade standoff between the US and China.

British Pound Falls on the BoE’s Newest Member’s Dovish Speech

The Sterling pound today fell to new lows against the US dollar following a dovish speech by the Bank of England‘s newest member Jonathan Haskel at his appointment hearing before the UK Parliament. Haskel’s comments coupled with renewed US dollar demand served to trigger the selling of the pound given that Haskel is replacing a hawkish BoE member.

Sterling Pound Rallies Higher on BoE’s Hawkish Interest Rate Decision

The British pound today rallied higher against the US dollar after the Bank of England announced its monetary policy decision with more members than before voting for a rate hike. The pound had traded lower following the release of the disappointing UK public sector finances report for May early in the European session.

BOE Decision Weighs on Pound

The latest interest rate decision from the Bank of England is weighing on the pound right now, sending it lower against many of its counterparts. Although sterling is still higher against the greenback, it’s fading a bit.

Warnings Against Brexit Continue as UK Pound Trades Mostly Lower

UK pound is mostly lower today, thanks to yesterday’s rate news from the Bank of England. Also, concern that the UK might leave the European Union is affecting the sterling a little bit.