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Japanese Yen Shows No Trend After Slew of Economic Reports

A range of macroeconomic reports were released in Japan today. Most of them were within expectations, giving no edge to the nation’s currency. Therefore, the Japanese yen showed no discernible trend during the current trading session, rising against some rivals and falling versus others.

Japanese Yen Rallies Despite Underwhelming Economic Reports

The Japanese yen rallied against its most-traded rivals today even though macroeconomic data released in Japan during the trading session was not particularly good for the most part. The possible reason for the currency’s gains was the slump of global stocks caused by signs that central banks around the world are planning to drop monetary stimulus.

Euro Attempts to Bounce Despite Disappointing Economic Reports

The euro is trading below the opening level against most of its major rivals currently, but is showing tendency to rebound and was actually able to erase losses versus the US dollar completely. The bounce seems to follow the release of eurozone macroeconomic data, but that in no way looks justified as the indicators were disappointing for the most part.

Japanese Yen Soft Following Economic Data & BoJ Meeting

The Japanese yen fell during the current trading session following the barrage of economic reports in Japan today and yesterday’s policy meeting of the Bank of Japan.

Yen Mixed After Set of Economic Reports from Japan

Economic data released from Japan over the current trading session was not particularly good. That did not prevent the Japanese yen from standing its ground against some currencies (like the US dollar and the Great Britain pound), even though it fell against others (like the euro and the Swiss franc).

Euro Gains for Third Day on US Dollar

The euro rose today, gaining for the third straight consecutive session on the US dollar, amid the news that Italy decided to rescue its third-largest bank.

Yen’s Attempt to Rally Fails amid Unimpressive Economic Reports

The Japanese yen attempted to rally at the start of the current trading session but has failed and is trading below the opening level against its major rivals as of now. Economic data released over the trading session was better-than-expected but that did not make it actually good.

Yen Weaker After Release of Mixed Economic Indicators

The Japanese yen was weaker today after the release of mixed economic data from Japan.

Yen Mixed amid Divergent Economic Data

The Japanese yen was mixed today, falling against the US dollar but rising against some other major rivals, like the euro. The divergent performance could be explained by the varying economic reports released today.

Japanese Yen Mixed Ahead of BoJ Announcement

The Japanese yen was relatively firm against the US dollar today but fell versus the euro and the Great Britain pound ahead of the monetary policy announcement from the Bank of Japan.