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Pound Hits New 4-Month Lows As PM May Is Pressured to Resign

The British pound today hit new 4-month lows against the US dollar as U.K. leaders criticized Theresa May‘s new proposed Brexit deal, which she outlined yesterday. The GBP/USD currency pair hit new lows as news reports indicated that multiple factions within the Conservative Party were planning to force the Prime Minister to resign.

British Pound Falls on Negative Brexit News Ahead of Key Vote

The Sterling pound today fell from its daily highs against the US dollar after rumors emerged that the Irish DUP was still opposed to the British PM’s Brexit deal. The GBP/USD currency pair was buffeted by new headlines relating to Brexit throughout today’s session as its gains were largely limited by the uncertainty associated with the current Brexit situation.

Euro Rallies on Weak US Inflation Data Amid Brexit Headlines

The euro today rallied for the third straight session against the US dollar as investors reacted to the mixed US inflation data released today. The EUR/USD currency pair’s rally was further boosted by Brexit developments as the EU and the UK agreed to a raft of joint declarations on the Irish backstop issue.

Pound Rallies on Upbeat UK Retail Sales as May Loses Indicative Vote

The British pound today rallied higher against the US dollar from the early European session following the release of upbeat UK retail sales data for January. The GBP/USD currency pair was trading in a see-saw fashion during the Asian session as investors remained indecisive regarding the Sterling.

Sterling Rallies Despite Brexit Uncertainty With Looming Deadline

The Sterling pound today rallied slightly against the US dollar after the UK Parliament approved Sir Brady’s amendment allowing the Prime Minister to renegotiate the Irish backstop plan. The pound’s gains were limited by the fact that the European Union has categorically stated that it will not reopen negotiations regarding the current Brexit deal as it is final.

Pound Trades Within Tight Range Ahead of Key Brexit Plan B Debate

The British pound today traded in a consolidative range as markets await the Parliamentary vote on Theresa May‘s Brexit Plan B scheduled for later today. Today’s debate is quite important, but it is not a meaningful vote like the 15 January vote, which handed the UK government a historic defeat.

Pound Drops on Brexit and Political Jitters Amid BoE Speeches

The British pound today declined slightly against the US dollar even as Brexit jitters continued to weigh down the cable. The pound was further affected by the DUP’s resistance to the current Brexit deal given that Theresa May needs the 10 votes from DUP members led by Arlene Foster in order to have a majority in the House of Commons.

British Pound Rallies Higher on Mixed UK Jobs Data and Brexit Vote

The British pound today rallied higher following the release of the latest UK employment report, which had mixed results. The GBP/USD currency pair later gave up most of its gains, but rallied higher in the American session as the UK Parliament voted on a crucial Brexit bill.

British Pound Holds Losses as Mixed Data Adds to Disappointing Election Results

The British pound remained weak on Friday as the currency held to most of the losses it had yesterday. Today’s data, which was largely mixed, made the British pound incapable of finding support in economic releases at a time when politicians in the United Kingdom failed to reach unity.

Euro Loses Ground Against US Dollar as ECB Maintains Interest Rates Unchanged

The euro lost ground against the US dollar on Thursday after the European Central Bank decided to keep interest rates unchanged after concluding its June’s monetary policy meeting. The shared currency remained stable against the British pound as the market awaited the outcome of a vote that decides Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom.