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Aussie Falls After RBA Statement & Home Loans Data, Bounces Later

The Australian currency behaved basically similarly to its New Zealand counterpart today, falling during the Asian session after the release of macroeconomic data from China but rebounding by now. The currency also fell following the release of the Monetary Policy Statement by the Reserve Bank of Australia and the home loans report.

Australian Dollar Firm After Domestic & Chinese Economic Reports

The Australian dollar was flat against its US counterpart but rallied versus other majors after positive macroeconomic data, both domestic and China’s.

Aussie Flat-to-Lower After Australian & Chinese Reports

The Australian dollar traded flat-to-lower today, the same as its New Zealand counterpart, even though macroeconomic reports from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, were good. Domestic economic data was not so good, though.

Australian Dollar Extends Rally Caused by FOMC Minutes

The Australian dollar started a rally yesterday after the release of the Federal Reserve policy minutes and extended it into the Thursday’s trading session, though the currency has backed off a bit as of as now. Positive Australian macroeconomic reports helped the Aussie as well.

Aussie Gains on Greenback, Falls vs. Other Rivals

The Australian dollar gained versus its US counterpart, touching the highest level since May 2015, on the back of the US dollar’s weakness. The Aussie gained on the euro as well, but lost its gains versus the Japanese yen.

Rally of Crude Oil Helps Aussie Mitigate Negative Fundemantals

Fundamentals were largely adverse to the Australian dollar, but that did not prevent the Aussie from rallying today. Analysts explained such behavior by the rise of crude oil prices that bolstered currencies linked to commodities, the Aussie being one of such currencies.

China’s Amazing Trade Data Boosts Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar rose against its rivals today thanks to the surprisingly good trade report released from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner. Economic data from Australia itself was not so good, but it did not affect the currency enough to drive it down.

Australian Dollar Attempts to Bounce, Fails

The Australian dollar was trying to rebound today after yesterday’s drop but failed. The currency has started a decline at about 10:45 GMT and continued to fall till now.

Economic Data Detrimental to Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar dropped today against its most-traded peers as economic data both domestic and from abroad was detrimental to the currency.

Australian Dollar Continues Climb Higher

The Australian dollar extended its rally today, rising against the euro for the seventh consecutive trading session. It is hard to explain the resilience of the currency considering that fundamentals were not particularly supportive for the Aussie.