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US Dollar Stabilizes Against Major Peers as Trump Woes Diminish

The US dollar was little changed on Thursday after maintaining most of the losses it had over the past two days amid higher uncertainty about the prospects of Donald Trump’s economic agenda. A series of political developments this week left the US president in a difficult position, which weighed on the greenback, but the currency limited its decline as positive economic data eased traders’ concerns.

Canadian Dollar Faces Volatile Trading, Drops Against Pound on US Election

The Canadian dollar faced wild ups and downs on Wednesday after Republican Donald Trump became the newest president of the USA, which triggered fears toward the future of economic relationships between Canada and its biggest trading partner.

Dollar Recovers from Initial Shock after Trump Wins Presidency

The US dollar sharply fell earlier today after the US presidential election was concluded with a victory for Republican candidate Donald Trump. The currency then recovered all its losses in a day of volatile trading.

Dollar Edges Slightly Lower as Markets Brace for Elections

The US dollar had a small decline in today’s trading against the euro and the British pound as nervous traders anticipated the result of today’s election race between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

Canadian Dollar Advances on Improved Appetite for Risk

The Canadian dollar moved higher against Great Britain’s pound on Monday as traders’ desire to take risks increased due to a stronger US dollar, which supported the Canadian currency.

Canadian Dollar Opens Sharply Higher as Week Starts with Shock

The Canadian dollar opened sharply higher against its major rivals as the news from the United States shocked markets. The currency struggles to establish a clear trend, though, rising against some peers but falling below the opening against others.

Mexican Peso Surges as FBI Finds No Crime in Hillary’s Emails

The Mexican peso climbed today after the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that it found no evidence of crime in Hillary Clinton’s emails, boosting her chances for victory in the US presidential elections.

Dollar Rises as FBI Finds No Evidence Against Clinton

The US dollar gained on Monday after the currency declined for most of the previous week. The dollar’s rise comes after FBI Director James Comey told Congress that no evidence of criminal activity was found in the agency’s investigation against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Dollar Stops Its Losses After a Labor Market Report

The US dollar is fluctuating around a consistent level against the euro today as the US currency halted its weekly slide following the release of labor market data.

Canadian Dollar Falls as Oil Prices Sharply Decline

The Canadian dollar lost its gains against the US dollar earlier today as a drop in oil prices overshadowed uncertainty about the presidential election in the USA.