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GBP Gains on Growth & BoE Outlook, Falls vs. EUR

The Great Britain pound rose today as positive economic data supported the outlook for stable economic growth, while the central bank kept monetary policy unchanged. The sterling weakened against the euro, which was supported by the monetary policy statement of the European Central Bank.

Pound Stronger on Domestic Data, Unable to Beat Euro

The Great Britain pound rose against the US dollar and the Japanese yen today as macroeconomic data supported the view that the Bank of England will not cut interest rates on tomorrow’s policy meeting. The sterling fell against the euro, which was supported by domestic data too.

Pound Drops Even as Economic Data Points at Recovery

The Great Britain pound dropped today even persistently good macroeconomic data proves that recovery is gaining traction. This did not help the currency however, which are falling down after a short rally.

Pound Gains Ahead of BoE Meeting

The Great Britain pound advanced today on speculations that the recent string of positive reports will encourage the Bank of England to refrain from adding to monetary stimulus on tomorrow’s meeting. The currency went down against the euro.

Another Good Week for GBP?

The Great Britain pound felt itself strong recently, but was a bit soft at the start of today’s trading session. Will the currency be able to maintain its rally this week?

Pound Drops on Disappointing Data

The Great Britain pound dropped today as today’s macroeconomic reports were rather bad, spurring talks about further monetary easing from the Bank of England and fears that the UK economy will slid back into recession.

Pound Rises vs. Euro on House Prices & Services

The Great Britain pound reached today the highest level in two months against the euro as house prices rose and services industry expanded. The currency retreated against the US dollar after the initial advance.

Pounds Heads Lower on Unfavorable Fundamental Indicators

The Great Britain pound edged down on the signs that the UK economy is slowing, possibly resulting in additional easing from the nation’s central bank. The pound bounced back a little today, but it’s likely to head down again as today’s fundamental reports are expected to be negative.

More Bad Macroeconomic Data from UK, Pound Hurt

The Great Britain pound slid versus the euro and the Japanese yen today after the macroeconomic data showed that industrial production slowed in July and house prices declined last month. Both results came out as an unpleasant surprise for market participants.

Forecast: Fundamentals Aren’t Favorable for Pound

The Great Britain pound fell during the previous week, but rose at the beginning of this week. Could it be a sign that the sterling is going to reverse its bearish trend? The currently available data shows that such case is unlikely.