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USD/HUF Falls After Sharp Q2 GDP Decline Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The Hungarian forint is looking to rebound against a plethora of currencies on Tuesday after the Central European country recorded disappointing economic data that showed how hard it was hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The drop in economic activity has forced foreign exchange traders to reevaluate their positions in the forint as analysts anticipate further contraction.

Hungarian Forint Strengthens As Central Bank Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged

The Hungarian forint is strengthening on Tuesday as the central bank left interest rates unchanged and confirmed that it would not be ultra-aggressive in its quantitative easing efforts as its global counterparts. The institution’s decision left investors with the impression that Hungary’s economy could withstand the global fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

Hungarian Forint Drops After Central Banks Stays Put

The Hungarian forint fell today after Hungary’s central bank left all of its interest rates unchanged and promised to keep monetary policy accommodative for a long period of time.

Hungarian Forint Fails to Profit from Rally of Stocks

The Hungarian forint fell against the US dollar today even as nation’s stocks followed other Eastern European stocks in a rally.

Hungarian Forint Falls After Policy Meeting

The Hungarian forint fell today after Hungary’s central bank preserved its extremely loose monetary policy and hinted that it can make the policy even more accommodative if it is required.

Hungarian Forint Falls After Central Bank’s Policy Meeting

The Hungarian forint fell today after the monetary policy meeting of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Hungary’s central bank). While the bank decided to keep its central bank base rate unchanged, it reduced some other interest rates.

Hungarian Forint Declines with Foreign Investment

The Hungarian forint dropped against the US dollar today as investors were reluctant to bring money into the nation’s economy.

Hungarian Forint Higher vs. Euro After Central Bank Announcement

The Hungarian forint gained on the euro and was stable against the US dollar today as Hungary’s central bank signaled about an end to its monetary easing cycle.

Hungarian Forint Down After Surprise Interest Rate Cut

The Hungarian forint traded lower today after yesterday’s surprise from the nation’s central bank.

Hungarian Forint Gains vs. Euro, Falls vs. Dollar

The Hungarian forint rallied against the euro on speculations that Standard & Poor’s is going to upgrade the outlook for the nation’s credit rating (though it has basically lost its gains as of now). The currency also attempted to rally versus the US dollar but failed.