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NZ Dollar Strong Despite Drop of Manufacturing Index

The New Zealand dollar was among the strongest currencies on the Forex market today, together with its Australian counterpart. The kiwi managed to rally despite the report that showed a drop in New Zealand’s manufacturing index.

NZ Dollar Drops as Manufacturing Slows

The New Zealand dollar dropped against other most-traded currencies today as nation’s manufacturing sector almost stopped expanding last month. The general negative market sentiment wasn’t helping the currency either.

New Zealand Dollar Falls During Wednesday’s Trading

The New Zealand dollar behaved similarly to its Australian counterpart today, falling intraday but trimming losses later. Market analysts explained the decline by the sharp drop of major Asian stock indices.

Economic Data in China & New Zealand Poor, NZ Dollar Declines

The New Zealand dollar fell today due to disappointing macroeconomic reports in China. New Zealand’s own economic data released overnight was not particularly good as well, though it improved compared to the previous reporting periods.

NZ Dollar Fails to Rally on Positive Manufacturing PMI

The New Zealand dollar attempted to rally today on the back of the very good manufacturing report, but failed, and is now trading lower against most rivals with the exception of the very soft US dollar.

NZ Dollar Backs Off After Rally

The New Zealand dollar attempted to rally today following yesterday’s big slump. The currency backed off after the initial gain and remained close to the opening level. Economic data from New Zealand was mixed, giving the kiwi no clear bias.

NZ Dollar Follows Aussie’s Performance

Today’s performance of the New Zealand dollar was similar to that of its Australian counterpart. The currency fell at the start of the current trading session but bounced later and is trading above the opening level right now.

NZ Dollar Rallies, Struggles to Keep Gains

The New Zealand dollar gained today but had hard time keeping gains as macroeconomic reports from China, the biggest trading partner of the South Pacific nation, were somewhat disappointing. Today’s data from New Zealand showed growth of food prices, while a bunch of important economic reports will be released at the start of tomorrow’s trading session.

Good Domestic Fundamentals Do Not Help NZ Dollar

The New Zealand dollar retreated today even though domestic macroeconomic data was rather good and suggested that the economy is faring well.

NZ Dollar Rallies Despite Mixed Fundamentals

The New Zealand dollar climbed today as data showed an expansion of the manufacturing sector. Not all fundamentals were good, but this did not deter the currency from reaching the highest level since August 2011 against the US dollar and the strongest price since February 2008 versus the Japanese yen.