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Dollar Stops Its Losses After a Labor Market Report

The US dollar is fluctuating around a consistent level against the euro today as the US currency halted its weekly slide following the release of labor market data.

US Dollar Hits Its Lowest in 3 Weeks Less Than a Week Before Election

The US dollar fell on Wednesday against most of the major currencies, including the euro, yen, and sterling ahead of the US presidential election that runs on November 8.

Australian Dollar Records Limited Gains Despite Supportive Data

Australia’s dollar started November off with gains against the US dollar as markets speculate that the Reverse Bank of Australia could be moving away from reducing its interest rates any time soon.

Dollar Falls as Political Uncertainty Shadows Recent Gains

The US dollar took a negative turn today after an increase in traders’ demand for gold as a safe haven prior to the presidential elections in the USA, which is due to happen on November 8.

US Dollar Gets No Boost from US Economic Data

The US dollar traded below the opening level against other most-traded currencies as mixed economic data from the United States provided no boost for the currency that is struggling to maintain its upward momentum.

Dollar Maintains Its Gains Against Yen on Interest Policy Forecasts

The US dollar strengthened against the yen as it boosted the gains it made over the past three days on bets that the Federal Reserve will raise its interest rates, increasing traders’ appetite for the currency.

US Dollar Mixed as Fed December Meeting Remains in Spotlight

The US dollar was mixed today as Forex market participants continued to speculate about whether the Federal Reserve is going to hike interest rates in December or not.

Uninspiring Economic Data Causes the USD to Lose Its Footing

The greenback lost its footing in response to unimpressive economy data this morning after the Federal Reserve of New York reported that its Empire State Manufacturing Index was down by 6.80 points in October. The Index was down 1.99 points in September, and the consensus economists’ estimate was that the Index would gain 1.00 points this month. The newly released data on US industrial production has also casted dark […]

Dollar Logs Big Weekly Gains as Fed Suggests Tightening Soon

The US dollar demonstrated an impressive rally during the past trading week. The currency continued to get support from the outlook for monetary tightening from the Federal Reserve and positive macroeconomic data.

Dollar Rallies as Data Feeds Outlook for Interest Rate Hike

The US dollar rallied today as economic data release from the United States over the trading session was good so far, improving chances for an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve in December.