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Euro Slips Against US Dollar as Draghi Supports Monetary Stimulus

The euro is set to continue its strike of losses against the US dollar on Friday, which would mark its 10th day of declines. The shared currency lost all its momentum against the greenback as Donald Trump’s win in the presidential election was followed by a stream of positive data in the USA, at a time when the Eurozone economy remained relatively fragile.

Turkish Lira Hits Record Low as Markets Anticipate Fed Hike

The Turkish lira fell today, hitting a record low, as the hawkish outlook for Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and the resulting strength of the US dollar led to weakness of emerging markets’ assets.

US Dollar Steadies as Fed Chair Janet Yellen Supports Raising Interest Rates

The US dollar recovered all of the losses it made earlier on Thursday following the testimony of Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen in front of Congress, in which she said that increasing interest rates soon is appropriate and should place the US economy on the right track.

US Dollar Surges to Its Highest Level Since 2003 on Trump’s Fiscal Policy

The dollar rose to its strongest level since 2003 against the euro and a basket of major currencies on Wednesday. The US currency’s surge that lasted for six days in a row drew strength from speculations that President-elect Donald Trump might increase fiscal spending.

US Dollar Maintains Gains Against Euro on Positive Retail Sales Data

The dollar traded on Tuesday near its highest level in almost a year as the US currency continued to be supported by positive data releases in the world’s biggest economy. New comments from Federal Reserve officials, which backed a rate hike in December, also boosted the greenback.

British Pound Struggles to Find Direction, Drops Against US Dollar

The British pound declined on Monday as the currency retreated from its recent highs due to the rapid gains that the US dollar achieved. The British pound traded near its last week’s opening level today after losing all of the gains accomplished on Friday, which had brought the currency to its highest level since its sudden crash on October 7.

US Dollar Continues to Rise as December’s Rate Hike Appears More Likely

The US dollar continued its advance against its main rival currencies on expectations of increased fiscal spending and lower taxes under Donald Trump’s administration. The greenback was further supported by the rising likelihood of an interest rates hike by the Federal Reserve is December.

Japanese Yen Slumps as Upbeat Sentiment Stems from Trump’s Victory

The Japanese yen continued to lose against the US dollar on Thursday following its rapid decline yesterday, as the greenback recovered from the initial reaction to Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election.

Dollar Gains as Initial Shock from Trump’s Victory Fades

The US dollar rose on Thursday to its highest level since October 27 as the currency recovered from all of its recent losses, which followed Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election. The dollar then proceeded to erase its declines during the previous two weeks as traders adjusted to the surprising win by Trump.

Dollar Rises as FBI Finds No Evidence Against Clinton

The US dollar gained on Monday after the currency declined for most of the previous week. The dollar’s rise comes after FBI Director James Comey told Congress that no evidence of criminal activity was found in the agency’s investigation against Democrat Hillary Clinton.