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US Dollar Declines on Friday, Heads to End Week Flat

The US dollar extended yesterday’s decline today, heading to end the week flat versus most of its major rivals.

US Dollar Retreats as Inflation Misses Expectations

The US dollar fell against its most-traded rivals (with the exception of the extremely weak Great Britain pound) after US inflation missed expectations.

US Dollar Stays Volatile as Traders Speculate About Fed Policy

The US dollar remained extremely volatile following yesterday’s Federal Reserve meeting. The currency was soft at start of today’s session but attempted to rally later. As a result, the greenback was mixed today.

US Dollar Continues to Demonstrate Strength Ahead of Fed Announcement

The US dollar continued to demonstrate strength today, gaining for nine times in 11 days against the euro. Trading was thinner than usual during the current trading session as markets in many countries were closed for the May Labor Day.

Dollar Continues to Get Support from Interest Rate Hike Expectations

The US dollar was very strong on Monday as traders continued to bet on another interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve in the near future.

Indonesian Rupiah Weakens on Fed Interest Rate Hike Bets

The Indonesian rupiah fell along with most other Asian currencies against the US dollar today amid bets on an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve in the near future.

US Dollar Ends Week Soft After Fed Announcement, Trade Wars

The US dollar fell this week due to the fears of trade wars and disappointment after the monetary policy announcement by the Federal Reserve.

US Dollar Recovers After Sell-Off Caused by Fed Announcement

Today, the US dollar was recovering after yesterday’s sell-off caused by the policy announcement from the Federal Reserve. Initially, the greenback extended its decline during the current trading session but managed to reverse movement and is now trading above the opening level against almost all most-traded currencies, with the exception of the Japanese yen.

US Dollar Rallies as Markets Prepare for Fed Hike

The US dollar gained against other most-traded currencies today as market participants were preparing for tomorrow’s policy announcement from the Federal Reserve.

Dollar Receives Support from Fed Policy Outlook & Economic Data

The US dollar gained against the basket of major currencies today (though fell versus the Japanese yen) amid speculations that the Federal Reserve is going to raise interest rates next week. Positive macroeconomic data also provided support to the US currency.