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Israeli Government Does Not Want Strong Shekel

The Israeli new shekel fell today as Israel’s government voiced concern that a strong currency damages nation’s exports and economy.

Euro Shows Mixed Performance

The euro was mixed today as traders wait for news from the United States concerning the debt ceiling debate. Data from Europe was mostly good, though some economic indicators might be considered worrying.

Taiwan Dollar Suffers from Intervention Speculations

The Taiwan dollar slipped today on concerns that the rally of the currency will spur policy maker to intervene, weakening the currency to protect domestic exporters.

Malaysian Ringgit Heads to Weekly Decline

The Malaysian ringgit fell today and headed to the biggest weekly decline in more than a month as Fitch Rating cut the nation’s credit rating, driving investors away from the country’s assets.

Rand Gains, Remains Vulnerable

The South African rand strengthened today as exporters took benefit of the low exchange rate and converted their earning to the local currency, increasing demand for the rand.

Bank of Israel Keeps Shekel Appreciation in Check

The Israeli new shekel fell today as the central bank was buying dollars to keep currency’s appreciation in check. The shekel was already weakening on the previous actions of the bank.

Yuan Gains on Positive Trade Balance

The Chinese yuan strengthened today as China’s trade balance improved, beating analysts’ forecasts, and the central bank increased its daily fixing to the record high.

Indonesian Rupiah Advances as IMF Boosts Japan’s Forecast

The Indonesian rupiah appreciated today as the International Monetary Fund boosted its forecast for Japan’s economic growth, improving prospects for Indonesian exports.

Euro Struggles on German Export Data

Euro is struggling today. Even though the 17-nation currency is gaining ground against the US dollar, it has been down against other majors (but it seems to be making progress now). The latest German export data, and concerns about continued eurozone recession, are weighing on the euro.

Thai Baht Weakens on Prospects for Intervention

The Thai baht went down today on speculations that policy makers will intervene to curb currency’s gains that may threaten the nation’s economy.