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Russian Ruble Flat As October GDP, Retail Sales Disappoint

The Russian ruble is trading relatively flat against several currency peers to close out the trading week. The ruble has witnessed a resurgence this week as foreign exchange traders poured into the currency amid a significant rally in Brent crude oil prices. But the gains may have been capped by disappointing economic data. With tighter lockdown restrictions in Europe, could the ruble come under pressure in the home stretch of 2020?

Russian Ruble Slumps on Weak Data, Geopolitical Risk

The Russian ruble is slumping midweek after a few pieces of economic data disappointed investors. This comes one day after the currency endured major swings on reports of a possible military fallout between the US, Russia, and the European Union following several events that appeared to be isolated from one another.

Bank of Russia Cuts Key Rate, Sending Ruble Down

The Russian ruble dropped today after the central bank made a decision to reduce its key rate as inflation pressure abated. The ruble was strengthening lately following the earlier plunge due to sanctions from the United States and the European Union.

Bank of Russia Surprises, Ruble Doesn’t Respond

Russia’s central bank surprised the Forex market today by a huge interest rate hike aimed at cooling inflation and slowing the ruble’s depreciation. Yet the Russian currency did not respond to the announcement, extending its massive slump.

Russian Ruble Drops on Fears of Stagflation

The Russian ruble dropped today on concerns about so-called stagflation that threatens the nation’s economy and makes it less attractive for overseas investors.

Russian Ruble Goes Up with Crude

The Russian ruble went higher against the US dollar as crude oil rallied after the positive developments in Europe reinvigorated markets and returned risk appetite to investors.

Russian Ruble Appreciates Despite Central Bank Intervention

The Russian continued to rise against the US dollar and stabilized against the euro today, following the exceptional intervention measures conducted by the central bank.

Fed’s Easing Spurred Commodities and Bolstered Ruble

The Russian ruble posted gains today as the prices for crude oil rallied and the quantitative easing in the US spurred the demand for the riskier assets.

Oil Prices Help Russian Ruble

The Russian ruble gained today against the U.S. dollar and the euro after the oil prices stabilized near $70 level, improving the outlook for the economy of Russia, the largest energy exporter in the world.

Ruble Strengthens to New 2-Month High

The Russian ruble rose to its new maximum since January 14 against the U.S. dollar today as the current oil prices still suggest that the December-January devaluation was too strong.