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Euro Plunges Against Dollar on Weak Eurozone Trade Balance Data

The euro today fell against the resurgent dollar following yesterday’s speech by Jerome Powell saying that it was too early to consider tapering of the Fed’s bond-buying program. The EUR/USD currency pair’s decline was also supported by the recent dovish comments from European Central Bank officials regarding the euro’s exchange rate.

Euro Slips Against Dollar on Dovish ECB Speeches, Risk-Off Sentiment

The euro today fell against the dollar despite the release of multiple upbeat macro prints from across the euro area as investors risk appetite remained muted. The EUR/USD currency pair was also weighed down by dovish comments from European Central Bank policymakers regarding the euro’s strength.

Euro Falls Against Resurgent Dollar on Weak Inflation and Retail Sales Data

Today, the euro fell against the resurgent dollar amid rising US Treasury yields that boosted the world’s reserve currency despite the turbulent American politics. The EUR/USD currency pair’s decline was also fueled by the disappointing inflation data coming out of the eurozone, causing investors to sell the euro.

Euro Rallies to New 32-Month Highs Against Dollar, Later Falls

The euro today briefly rallied higher against the dollar touching 32-month highs before reversing course and heading lower as the greenback inched higher. The EUR/USD currency pair fell despite the release of mixed data from across the euro area as Hungary continues to oppose the European Union budget.

EUR/USD Falls Despite Positive Eurozone Macro Releases

EUR/USD fell today despite all macroeconomic reports released in the eurozone during Wednesday’s trading session were good, and the vast majority of them beat expectations. Against other rivals, the euro did not show a unified performance, rising against some but falling against others.

Euro Surges to Multi-Year Highs Against Dollar as US PMI Misses

The euro today rallied to multi-year highs against the dollar boosted by the positive investor risk sentiment amid heightened optimism about the global economic recovery. The EUR/USD currency pair’s rallied to highs last seen in Apil 2018 boosted by the dollar’s weakness and mixed eurozone macro releases.

Euro Rallies on Upbeat Sentiment and Mixed Euro Area Macro Prints

The euro today rallied against the dollar due to the positive investor sentiment, which saw risk assets rally despite the coronavirus situation in Europe. The EUR/USD currency pair’s rally was also boosted by the upbeat inflation reports from Spain and France despite other disappointing macro reports.

Euro Rallies Against Dollar on Upbeat German Inflation, Positive Mood

The euro today rallied against the dollar boosted by the positive investor sentiment despite the rising coronavirus cases and lockdown measures in Europe. The EUR/USD currency pair’s rally as also fueled by the positive releases from across the euro area including Germany’s inflation data among others.

Euro Rallies Against Dollar As FOMC Holds Rates and Biden Leads

The euro today rallied against the dollar as the vote-counting in the US Presidential election dragged on slowly as both parties went to court. The EUR/USD currency pair gave up some of its gains during the American session as the dollar hit a bottom and edged higher at the New York open.

Euro Rallies Against Dollar as Biden Maintains US Election Lead

The euro today oscillated between gains and losses as US election officials continue to count votes in the tightly-contested US Presidential elections. The EUR/USD currency pair fell earlier today after President Donald Trump threatened to use the Supreme Court to stop vote-counting in some states.