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Mexican Peso Weakens As Economy Contracts In Q1, AMLO Dismisses Concerns

The Mexican peso weakened against a basket of currencies towards the end of the trading week after the economy contracted in the first quarter. Despite the deceleration across the country, the peso is still one of the best performing currencies so far this year. Could it hold up after a plethora of forecasts suggest the Mexican economy is in store for a rough period?

Mexican Peso Strengthens Amid Trump’s Border Shutdown Threat

The Mexican peso is rising against several currencies at the end of the trading week. The peso’s recent rally comes as President Donald Trump threatened to close the border, a move that many have estimated would cost both countries billions of dollars in lost commerce. On the domestic front, the federal government plans to curb spending amid slower economic growth and falling crude oil production, leaving financial analysts with the impression that the country […]

Mexico’s Central Bank Downgrades Growth Forecast, Peso Mixed

The Mexican pesos fell against the euro today after the nation’s central bank downgraded its forecast for economic growth this year. The currency managed to gain on the US dollar despite the negative news.

Mexican Peso Gains as S&P Confirms Positive Outlook

The Mexican peso advanced today as Standard & Poor’s affirmed the nation’s credit rating and the positive outlook. The currency also rallied on hopes that US politicians will avoid potentially catastrophic default.

Mexican Peso Firm Even as Central Bank Performs Surprising Rate Cut

The Mexican peso was firm today even after the central bank unexpectedly cut its main interest rate and voiced concerns about domestic economic growth. The currency gained against other majors, including the US dollar and the euro.

Mexican Peso Suffers from Poor US Data

The Mexican peso fell as poor macroeconomic data from the United States led to concerns about Mexico’s economic growth and speculations that policy makers may cut interest rates. The currency gained versus the euro, paring the earlier losses.

S&P Changes Outlook for Mexico to Positive, Benefiting Peso

The Mexican peso gained today after Standard&Poor’s confirmed the country’s credit rating and changed the outlook to positive on hopes for fiscal reforms that should improve the nation’s economy.

MXN Gains as Sanchez Does Not See Reasons for Interest Rate Cut

The Mexican peso gained today as Manuel Sanchez, a member of the central bank’s board, said that he is not supporting an interest rate cut. The market sentiment was also supportive for the currency.

Mexican Peso Drops on Fears of Lower Interest Rates

The Mexican peso dropped today as Forex market participants were worried that the central bank will lower interest rates in the near future, supporting the economy, but weakening the currency at the same time.

Mexican Peso Rises as Traders Put Hopes on Central Banks

The Mexican peso gained on speculations that the Federal Reserve will stimulate the US economy as measure to support the faltering recovery and on rumors that European central bank will coordinate their efforts to bolster the European economy.