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EUR/USD Trades Sideways on Negative Eurozone Unemployment Data

The EUR/USD currency pair was trading sideways today after the release of disappointing unemployment data from the Eurozone by Eurostat. The currency pair did not decline significantly after the release mainly because of the weaker US dollar as tracked by the US Dollar Index, which struggled to rise above 100.00.

EUR/USD Rallies Higher on Positive Eurozone CPI Data

The EUR/USD currency pair rallied to new highs today after the release of positive CPI data from the Eurozone. The euro gained significantly against the US dollar as the Eurozone inflation figures for the month of April released by Eurostat exceeded expectations.

Japanese Yen Soft Following Economic Data & BoJ Meeting

The Japanese yen fell during the current trading session following the barrage of economic reports in Japan today and yesterday’s policy meeting of the Bank of Japan.

Yen on Back Foot as Investors Have Confidence to Risk

The Japanese yen was on a defensive during the Wednesday’s trading session as the market sentiment continued to favor riskier currencies over safer ones.

Yen Soft as Fears Abate After French Elections

The Japanese yen was soft today after the outcome of the French Presidential elections eased fears on markets. While the currency traded above the Monday’s opening, it was still far below the Friday’s close.

Yen Gains on Economic Data, Risk Aversion

The Japanese yen was firm today after the release of positive domestic macroeconomic data. The currency gained on the euro also due to the market sentiment that worsened after what looks like as a terrorist attack in France.

Euro Climbs Higher Against Peers on Positive Consumer Confidence Data

The euro rallied higher against its main peers after the release of better-than-expected consumer confidence data by the European Commission. The currency also rallied hogher after the release of the Eurozone construction industry data for February, which beat expectations.

Euro Rallies Higher Against US Dollar Despite Looming French Elections

The euro rallied higher against the US dollar today despite the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming French Presidential elections. The euro’s rally entered the second day as the selling pressure on the US dollar keeps rising due to disappointment with the Trump trade. 

Yen Thrives During Week of Risk Aversion

The Japanese yen was among the strongest currencies during the past trading week as rising risk aversion encouraged traders to stick to safer assets and to avoid riskier ones.

Euro Drops Despite Improving Economic Sentiment

The euro dropped against its major peers (with the exception of the US dollar) today even though the economic sentiment indicators for Germany and the whole eurozone improved.