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Indonesian Rupiah Jumps as Current-Account Shortfall Narrows

Narrowing Indonesia’s current-account deficit and stable monetary policy of the central bank allowed the rupiah to gain today, demonstrating the biggest jump in a month and exceeding the 12,000 per dollar level for the first time this year.

Bank Indonesia Raises Interest Rates, Rupiah Does Not React

The Indonesian central bank surprised Forex traders as it raised its interest rates yet again. But the rupiah did not react to the news and was flat versus the US dollar and fell against the euro.

Indonesian Central Bank Raises Interest Rates, Rupiah Up

The Indonesian rupiah advanced today as the nation’s central bank made a surprise move, raising the main interest rate. The Indonesian central bank joined central banks of other emerging economies in an effort to support domestic currency.

Indonesian Rupiah Gains on Positive Growth Outlook

The Indonesian rupiah advanced for the third day today on positive outlook for the biggest economy of Southeast Asia, caused by the inflow of foreign funds.