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Pound Flat, GDP Report in Focus

The Great Britain pound was little changed today as traders are waiting for GDP data from the United Kingdom which will be released later this week.

Great Britain Pound Flat as Employment Data Gives No Direction

The Great Britain pound was little changed today as the employment report released from the United Kingdom during the current trading session was mixed, giving the currency no compelling reason to go either up or down.

GBP/USD Rallies as Inflation Data Is Released

The British pound rose to new highs today rallying against other currencies such as the US dollar for the second day in a row. The British pound gained against other major currencies such as the US dollar and the euro after the release of UK inflation data for the month of September. The rally was triggered by the release of inflation figures today, which were higher than what analysts had forecasted. The inflation data showed that consumer prices […]

Pound Remains on Path of Steady Decline

The Friday’s flash crash of the Great Britain pound did not result in panic sell-off as some might have expected, but the currency remained on the path of steady decline.

Great Britain Pound Crashes to New Lows Only to Recover Immediately

The Great Britain pound demonstrated a flash crash to a new 31-year low today only to recover very quickly. There were different theories about possible reasons for such behavior.

Great Britain Pound at New 31-Year Low

The Great Britain pound sank today, reaching a new 31-year low, as fears of Brexit continued to plague the currency. Coupled with the extremely loose central bank’s monetary policy, that makes the currency completely unattractive to traders (with the possible exceptions of bottom pickers).

Great Britain Pound at Three-Decade Low Against US Dollar

The Great Britain pound slumped today, falling to the lowest level since 1985 against the US dollar, as Brexit fears continued to drive the currency. Yet again, positive macroeconomic data was unable to rescue the sterling.

Date for Brexit Set, Britain’s Pound Soft

The Great Britain pound was soft today after UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced date for the start of the Brexit. The news hit Britain’s currency, and even positive macroeconomic data released on Monday was unable to help the sterling.

Euro Recovers After Losses Caused by Deutsche Bank

The euro was down intraday as investors were afraid that problems of Deutsche Bank may spill over the entire eurozone banking sector. Yet the currency managed to close above the opening level as fears receded.

Pound Slides as BoE Deputy Governor Talks About Stimulus

The Great Britain pound slipped against the US dollar and the euro today as Bank of England Deputy Governor Minouche Shafik was talking about possibility of additional stimulus as soon as November.