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Euro Rallies Against US Dollar for Second Consecutive Day

The euro today rallied higher against the US dollar extending the gains made in a rally that was triggered by Mario Draghi‘s hawkish comments at a press conference yesterday. The euro was much stronger against a weak US dollar, which was negatively affected by the political turmoil in Washington as Donald Trump‘s administration failed to repeal Obamacare.

British Pound Declines Against Peers Despite Positive Retail Sales Data

The British pound today declined against the US dollar and the euro despite the release of positive UK retail sales data. The British pound rallied higher for a minute or so after the release before retracing all its gains and trending lower.

Pound Falls for Third Consecutive Session, Avoids Losses vs. Euro

The Great Britain pound fell today, declining for the third day in a row against its major rivals. The euro was an exception as the sell-off ahead of the policy announcement from the European Central Bank made the shared 19-nation currency even weaker than the currency of the United Kingdom.

Euro Rallies Even as Inflation Slows, ECB in Focus

The euro was up against its major rivals during the current trading session even though today’s report confirmed a slowdown (albeit small) of eurozone inflation.

GBP/USD Touches Highest Since September

The Great Britain pound rallied to the highest level since September against the US dollar during the Friday’s trading session. The currency also logged solid gains against other most-traded rivals.

Pound Higher After UK Employment Report

The Great Britain pound rallied today following the release of an employment report that was positive for the most part. In particular, the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in 42 years.

Euro Climbs on Boosted Confidence in Future Outlook for Euro Area

The euro moved higher against the US dollar and the British pound on Tuesday, as traders’ confidence in the future of the euro zone improved following a speech by Angela Merkel. The greenback, on the other hand, suffered from a political scandal that involved Donald Trump Jr.

Pound Slides as Trend of Disappointing UK Economic Releases Continues

The Great Britain pound dropped today as macroeconomic indicators released in the United Kingdom continued to disappoint.

GBP/USD Declines After UK Manufacturing PMI Misses Expectations

The Great Britain pound was falling against the US dollar during the current trading session and accelerated its decline after a private report showed slowing growth of Britain’s manufacturing sector. The sterling was flat against such rivals as the euro and the Swiss franc and managed to rally against the Japanese yen.

Euro Extends Rally Even as ECB Tries to Downplay QE Tapering Expectations

The euro rallied today even as officials from the European Central Bank tried to downplay yesterday’s comments from Mario Draghi, which markets considered to be hawkish. The currency fell against the US dollar intraday, but the drop was short-lived. The euro was unable to beat the very strong Great Britain pound.