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Chinese Yuan Firms As PBoC Signals Flexible, Targeted Monetary Policy

The Chinese yuan is firming against multiple currency peers during the quiet holiday Thanksgiving trading session. The yuan has been strengthening since peaking at around 7.1 against the US dollar. It is likely to extend its winning streak to the end of the year after the central bank signaled that it would adjust its monetary policy directives. But how much longer will officials allow the yuan to appreciate, […]

USD/CNY Tests 28-Month High As Economy Continues Recovery

The Chinese yuan is now testing its best level in more than two years against the US dollar. As China becomes the lone outlier in the global economy when it comes to the recovery, the yuan is joining the broader rally in the foreign exchange market. With the year 2020 winding down, is the next stop for the yuan 6.4? Better yet, will policymakers allow the yuan to appreciate that much?

Chinese Yuan Tests 6.5 As PBoC Tightens Liquidity, COVID-19 Vaccine Hopes

The Chinese yuan is extending its months-long rally on Tuesday after breaking the 6.6 threshold against the US dollar. The yuan, which has been one of the best-performing currencies in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, has become an attractive play in foreign exchange markets, especially as policymakers attempt to make the yuan more prominent in international transactions.

Chinese Yuan Retreats From 27-Month High as Officials Tolerate Currency’s Appreciation

The Chinese yuan is retreating from its highest level against the US dollar in 27 months, despite officials revealing they will tolerate the currency’s appreciation against the greenback – for now. The acceptance of the yuan’s enormous climb has signaled that policymakers are prepared to potentially alter the currency’s strategy in the global economy, fueling its aspirations to make the yuan a global reserve currency that rivals the buck and other counterparts.

Chinese Yuan Strengthens Against USD on Upbeat GDP, Retail Sales

The Chinese yuan reversed its recent downward trend against the US dollar to kick off the trading week, breaking below 6.7 on positive economic data. The latest figures show that the post-coronavirus recovery is doing well, from growth to retail sales. This has Beijing anticipating that the world’s second-largest economy will be one of the few Asian countries to report growth in 2020. How will this benefit the currency?

Chinese Yuan Extends Losing Streak on PBoC Move, Exports

The Chinese yuan is extending its losing streak against a basket of major currency rivals on Tuesday. The yuan, which recently suffered its worst one-day drop in seven months, slumped on slightly lower-than-expected trade data. With more economic data being released this week, the yuan could come under a lot of pressure and reverse its significant 2020 rally.

Chinese Yuan Flat After Having Best Quarter in a Decade

The Chinese yuan is trading flat against the US dollar, but it has topped 8.0 against the euro to kick off the trading week. The yuan is coming off its best quarter in more than a decade as analysts warn think the yuan could become the next safe-haven currency amid volatility. Can the yuan test 6.6 in the final quarter of 2020?

Chinese Yuan Jumps on Better-Than-Expected Manufacturing Activity

The Chinese yuan is looking to extend its modest winning streak this week, buoyed by better-than-expected manufacturing and non-manufacturing data. Global financial markets have been waiting for these figures to see how the world’s second-largest economy is faring in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. While the numbers are positive, they still suggest sluggishness in China.

Chinese Yuan Looks to Test 52-Week High as PBoC Pumps More Liquidity

The Chinese yuan paused its rally last week after touching a 52-week high of 6.75 against the US dollar. The yuan is looking to restart its push against the greenback to kick off the trading week, driven by additional liquidity in the banking system and a recovering economy. Can the yuan maintain its upward trajectory?

Chinese Yuan Tests 6.7 As PBoC Leaves LPR Unchanged, Injects More Liquidity

The Chinese yuan is continuing to make gains against the US dollar on Tuesday ahead of the manufacturing and non-manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) readings. The yuan, which had cratered to as low as 7.17 against the greenback, has been one of the top-performing Asian currencies this year, advancing nearly 3% year-to-date. Could the yuan defy market expectations even more?