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Canadian Dollar Doesn’t Pay Heed to Supportive Fundamentals

The Canadian dollar gained on its weak US counterpart during Tuesday’s trading but was unable to beat such strong currencies as the euro and the Japanese yen despite supportive fundamentals.

CAD Rallies vs. EUR & USD, Falls vs. CHF & JPY

The Canadian dollar rose a bit against its US counterpart on Monday and accelerated the rally on Tuesday as the US immigration ban hurt the greenback. The Canadian currency also rose versus the euro but fell against the safe haven currencies — the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen.

Canadian Dollar Falls vs. Euro & Yen Following Drop of Crude Oil

The Canadian dollar fell against such currencies as the euro and the Japanese yen today due to the sharp drop of crude oil prices. The loonie managed to gain on the US dollar, which was rather soft on Monday.

Canadian Dollar Drops for Third Straight Day

The Canadian dollar dropped today, falling for the third consecutive day against its major peers, after Canada’s economy demonstrated unexpected contraction in October.

Canadian Dollar Gets Help from Positive Employment Report

The Canadian dollar rose against most of its major peers (with the exception of the Japanese yen) with the help of rather positive employment data released from Canada over the trading session.

Canadian Dollar Continues to Receive Support from Skyrocketing Oil Prices

The Canadian dollar continued to rally against its major rivals today, demonstrating especially big gains against the weak US dollar, as the OPEC oil production cut propelled oil prices higher.

Canadian Dollar Surges Against Euro Following OPEC’s Output Cut

The Canadian dollar rose against the euro on Wednesday, as a surge in oil prices supported the currency of the oil exporting nation.

Canadian Dollar Follows Crude Oil to Upside, Rally in Danger

The Canadian dollar rallied against most of major peers on Monday, tracking the rise of crude oil prices. There is a decent probability, though, that the crude’s rally will fizzle soon, dragging the loonie down.

Canadian Dollar Firm After Inflation Data

The Canadian dollar today rose after the release of inflation data, even though some parts of the report were not that good. The loonie even managed to rebound versus the US dollar despite starting the trading session with a decline.

Loonie Falls vs. Greenback, Avoids Losses vs. Other Rivals

The Canadian dollar fell against its US peer on Monday as the shock of the surprise victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections continued to weigh on the currency. The loonie managed to gain on other most-traded rivals, like the euro and the Japanese yen.