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Brazilian Real Crashes on Rate Cuts, Doubts of Economic Recovery

The Brazilian real is sliding in the middle of the trading week as investors are casting doubts on the South American nation’s economic recovery. There have been signs of a recent rebound in business activity, but investors are still cautious about a dovish central bank, a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, and deteriorating relations between the US and China. Its booming commodities sector is one of the few parts of the economy that is keeping Brazil alive.

Brazilian Real Weakens Despite Rise in Foreign Direct Investment, Soybean Exports

The Brazilian real is weakening against the US dollar and several other major currency counterparts on Tuesday, despite positive domestic economic data. The real has rebounded since hitting a record low against the greenback in May, but jitters in global financial markets may be hitting the pause button on emerging market currencies.

Brazilian Real Extends Rebound Despite Economic Pressures, COVID-19

The Brazilian real is extending its rebound on Tuesday, despite a myriad of economic and fiscal pressures weighing on the South American country. The economy has been reeling as the nation has become a coronavirus hotspot, prompting the US government to impose a travel ban. But could the commodities-rich nation survive the pandemic?

Brazilian Real Continues Testing Record Lows, Fueling Rate Cut Expectations

The Brazilian real continues to test record lows against a myriad of G10 currencies, including the US dollar. With disappointing economic data, a decline in financial markets, and a political crisis unfolding, the real has become the worst-performing emerging market currency this year. Is more pain ahead for Brazil amid the coronavirus pandemic?

Brazilian Real Falls As Trump Threatens to Restore Tariffs

The Brazilian real is falling against multiple currency rivals as President Donald Trump threatened to restore tariffs on Brazil and Argentina goods, accusing the two countries of devaluing their currencies. But is this really about the two markets becoming go-to sources for China’s soybean needs? The Brazilian leadership attempted to quash concerns, noting that it plans to speak with the US administration.

Brazilian Real Underperforms as Fitch Cuts Credit Rating

The Brazilian real was underperforming compared to other Latin American currencies on Thursday as Fitch ratings reduced Brazil’s sovereign credit grade. The currency still managed to erase its losses but was unable to demonstrate the same strength as its peers.

Rally of Brazilian Real Pauses

The Brazilian real retreated a bit at the current trading session after touching the highest level in fourth months on the previous trading session. The rally has started after Standard & Poor’s cut the nation’s credit rating but changed the outlook from negative to stable, and prices continued to rise till the beginning of this session.

Brazilian Real Advances as Central Bank Supports Currency

The Brazilian real advanced today as the nation’s central bank signaled about an intervention to help the weakening currency. The announcement managed to outweigh the negative market sentiment that was hurting currencies of emerging economies.

Brazilian Central Bank Expected to Counter Decline of Real

The Brazilian real fell today, following yesterday’s gains. The rally on the previous trading session was caused by speculations that policy makers would take measures to support the currency.

Brazilian Real Drops Despite Positive FX Market Sentiment

The Brazilian real dropped today as policy makers hinted that they prefer to see the currency weaker. Today’s market sentiment was positive for currencies of emerging markets and the real was rising earlier, but currently it erased its gains.