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Euro Drops Despite In-Line Inflation Data Ahead of FOMC Minutes

The euro today has traded erratically against the US dollar from the start of today’s session as both sellers and buyers pushed to gain control of the single currency. The EUR/USD currency pair traded both higher and lower as it struggled to find direction despite the release of positive eurozone inflation data, but was heading lower at the time of writing.

Euro Shows No Bias as EU Summit in Riga Concludes

The euro demonstrated no particular bias against the US dollar and the Japanese yen as traders focused on the European Union summit in Latvia. The shared 19-nation currency demonstrated sizable losses against the Great Britain pound.

Euro Gains on Improving Manufacturing & EU Summit

The euro advanced today, rising for the second session versus the Japanese yen, as signs of improving manufacturing in the eurozone added to hopes about today’s summit, resulting in a positive market sentiment.

US Dollar Edges Higher Against Most Majors

US dollar is edging higher against most majors right now, gaining as risk aversion enters the picture. One of the big drivers is the continued uncertainty about Spain and the eurozone. However, the latest US company earnings news isn’t helping matters, either.

US Dollar Gains as Earlier Risk Appetite Fades

US dollar is gaining ground right now, thanks to fading risk appetite. Earlier, risk appetite pushed Asian stocks higher, and helped high beta currencies. Now, though, risk appetite is fading and Forex traders are turning to the safety of the greenback.

Euro Strengthens on Good News Out of the Eurozone

Euro is finding strength today, heading higher as the news out of the eurozone improves. News about Greece and Spain is helping the 17-nation currency against most of its counterparts.

EU Summit Drives Weekly Currency Moves, Euro in Favor Again

The major even, leading the Forex market this week, was the summit of the European Union leaders on June 28–29. The weakness of the euro, which was prevailing for the most part of the week, was erased by the end of the meeting.

Franc Follows Euro in Gains, EUR/CHF Closes Flat

The Swiss franc advanced, following the euro in gains. The Swissie fell versus the shared European currency itself, but quickly recovered and ended the session flat.

CAD Gains on Traders’ Euphoria After Summit

The Canadian dollar jumped against the US dollar and the Japanese yen, demonstrating the biggest advance this year, as risk appetite ruled the Forex market after the conclusion of the two-day EU summit. The currency closed weaker against the euro, but the losses were limited.

Koruna Rallies Even After Central Bank Lowers Interest Rates

The Czech koruna rallied today, profiting from the general positive sentiment on the Forex market, even after the Czech central bank decided to lower interest rates.