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Japanese Yen Soars As Investors Flee to Safe-Haven Assets

The Japanese yen is soaring against multiple currency rivals to kick off the trading week as investors are fleeing to traditional safe-haven assets amid the market crash. With the major leading stock indexes worldwide posting steep losses, traders are buying the yen, despite the disappointing economic data. Will the yen be the best performing currency in the first quarter?

Japanese Yen Strengthens on Safe-Haven Demand Despite Bearish Outlook

The Japanese yen is strengthening against major currency rivals on Thursday, despite a myriad of bearish outlooks by both the federal government and international bodies. A string of weak economic data also could not affect the yen toward the end of the trading week as investors continued to pour into the traditional safe-haven asset amid global uncertainty due to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

Japanese Yen Lower as Traders Wait for Next Week’s Data

Japanese yen is lower today, dropping after yesterday’s Eco watchers survey offered mixed results. Yen moved briefly higher against the dollar, but the currency is down again, and losing ground to all its major counterparts. Traders are looking forward to next week’s data.