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Japanese Yen Strengthens to One-Week High Despite Typhoon, Earthquake

The Japanese yen is strengthening against its American counterpart on Thursday, despite concerns that the recent typhoon and earthquake that tore through Japan could impact the national economy. The latest weather events are leaving investors fearful of the long-term consequences, especially at a time when the government is trying to stimulate the sluggish economy.

Yen Mostly Rangebound as Traders Await Data

Japanese yen is mostly rangebound today as Forex traders wait for the latest data out of the United States. Yen has been reasonably strong recently and remains relatively strong as uncertainty continues in the market.

NZ Dollar Dips on Chinese Data, Recovers

The New Zealand dollar fell today on poor economic data from China but was able to rebound and is currently trading near the opening level against the Japanese yen and above the opening versus the US dollar.

Yen Rises as Earthquake Strikes Japan, Gains Limited

The Japanese yen advanced today after an earthquake struck Japan, reminding the catastrophe of 2011, when a tremor was followed by a tsunami and a disaster on a nuclear plant. The yen tends to advance during times of fear.

Yen Falls Against Everything on Negative Credit Rating Outlook

The Japanese yen declined against every other Forex-traded currency, including the depreciating US dollar today as the country’s sovereign debt rating outlook was revised by one of the major rating agencies.

Swiss Franc Gains on Japan’s Woes

The Swiss franc strengthened today, rising for the fifth straight day against the US currency, after Japan was hit by another earthquake and on the speculation that the damage nuclear plant will release more radiation that Chernobyl power plant.

Yen Rises After Another Earthquake in Japan

The Japanese yen gained today as another earthquake in Japan turned investors away from higher-yielding assets and made them seek safety.

Yen Climbs After Another Earthquake, Rates Stays Unchanged

The Japanese yen rose today on the speculation that demand from investors will shift to safe currencies from higher-yielding ones after Japan was hit by another earthquake.

Forecast: Yen May Go Down on Intervention and BoJ Rates Decision

The Japanese yen rose sharply on the last Friday after the earthquake hit the country, spurring risk aversion and demand for the currency as a safe haven. Today the currency slipped as the government and the central bank attempt to deal with the results of the disaster. Can the Japanese currency still profit from the fears, caused by the tremor, or it’s going to extend its losses?

Japanese Yen Drops as Central Bank Pumps Money

The Japanese yen tumbled today after the Bank of Japan pumped money into the nation’s financial system to help the country in dealing with the consequences of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake on March 11.