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Great Britain Pound Strong on Hopes for Brexit Deal

The Great Britain pound rose today, emerging as the strongest currency on the Forex market on Monday. The most likely reason for the sterling’s amazing performance was hopes for a trade deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Sterling Rallies Despite the UK’s Deteriorating Relations With China

The Sterling pound today rallied higher against the much weaker US dollar after finding support at a critical support level that has held for the past two weeks. The GBP/USD currency pair seemed immune to the rising political tensions between the UK and China regarding the Hong Kong extradition treaty.

Pound Rallies Despite Record COVID-19 Deaths and Johnson in ICU

The Sterling pound today rallied higher against the US dollar despite the fact that the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson being hospitalised in ICU. The GBP/USD currency pair posted gains as buyers stepped in capitalising on the greenback’s fall from recent highs.

Sterling Suffers from Rising Chances of No-Deal Brexit

The Great Britain pound slumped against all other most-traded currencies today amid concerns that chances for a no-deal Brexit increase. And a hard Brexit can deal a serious blow to Britain’s economy. The currency was trading at the lowest level in about two years.

Pound Crashes as Two UK Ministers Resign Following Brexit Deal

The British pound today crashed to new 2-week lows after two UK Ministers and a junior minister led by former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigned following yesterday’s draft Brexit deal. The Sterling was further weighed down by the disappointing retail sales data released earlier today, which pointed a grim picture of the UK economy.

Pound Rallies to New Weekly Highs on Brexit Rumors and BoE Rate Decision

The British pound today rallied to new highs against the US dollar following Brexit rumors that the British PM Theresa May had signed a deal with the EU on the financial services sector. The pound was further boosted by the Bank of England‘s monetary policy decision, which helped it rally against the greenback despite mixed US macro releases.

Britain’s Pound Recovers on Brexit Hopes

The Great Britain pound recovered a bit today following the big slump on Friday. The main driver for the currency was the Brexit news.

Sterling Drops on Market Sentiment, Brexit Fears

The Great Britain pound declined today due to the negative market sentiment and concerns that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union without securing a trade deal first. The sterling was heading to weekly gains, but will likely end August with the fifth consecutive monthly drop.

Sterling Rallies Higher on Renewed Brexit Talks and Weak Dollar

The Sterling pound today rallied higher against the US dollar following yesterday’s announcement by the chief Brexit negotiators to speed up the pace of negotiations. The GBP/USD currency pair was also boosted by the selling pressure around the US dollar following the political developments in two Federal investigations involving President Donald Trump‘s associates.

Pound Rallies on Trump’s Fed Criticism Ahead of Brexit Talks

The British pound today extended yesterday’s rally against the US dollar following President Trump’s criticism of the Fed’s interest rate hikes. The GBP/USD currency pair shrugged off concerns regarding the possibility of a no-deal Brexit even as the EU’s chief negotiator and the UK’s Brexit minister are set to meet later today.