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US Dollar Loses Momentum Triggered by Lower Bond Yields

The US dollar today weakened against other major currencies given the lower bond yields witnessed in the markets and an empty economic docket. The greenback lost momentum  in the early North American session due to the lack of major financial releases, or comments from US President Donald Trump.

Canadian Dollar Touches Lowest Level in Two Weeks as US Dollar Surges

The Canadian dollar dropped against the US counterpart on Tuesday to touch its lowest in two weeks, as oil prices moved lower and the greenback gained strength. Prices of crude oil, one of Canada’s main exports, declined due to concerns towards rising production levels in the United States.

US Dollar Rises Backed by Lower Trade Deficit and Positive Jobs Data

The US dollar gained significantly against its main competitors including the euro, the Canadian dollar and the Japanese yen. The greenback rose after the release of lower than expected US trade balance figures for December reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

New Zealand Dollar Surges on Inflation Expectations, Loses Gains Later

The New Zealand dollar surged intraday after the nation’s central bank released its inflation expectations, but the currency retreated later, trimming its gains against the euro and the Japanese yen, while losing them completely versus the US dollar.

Aussie Moves Higher After RBA Maintains Policy, Makes Hawkish Remarks

The Australian dollar rose against its most-traded counterparts today following yesterday’s drop after the Reserve Bank of Australia decided to leave its monetary policy unchanged.

US Dollar Moves Higher Against Euro Following Draghi’s Dovish Comments

The US dollar rose against the euro and a basket of other major peers on Monday, as investors expected the greenback to get closer to parity with the shared currency. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi made a statement today that delivered a dovish outlook for the central bank’s monetary policy.

US Dollar Remains Soft, Outperforms Great Britain Pound

The US dollar remained weak during the past week but was not the weakest, outperforming the Great Britain pound that was even softer.

CAD Erases Losses vs. USD, Rallies for Second Straight Week

The Canadian dollar was falling against its US counterpart on Friday but managed to erase its losses, closing near the opening level. What is more, CAD ended the week with gains versus USD. It was the second consecutive weekly gain and the fifth in six weeks.

US Dollar Falters Backed by Poor Wage Growth Against Positive Job Growth for January

The US dollar weakened against its main competitors after the release of the ADP non-farm payroll report for January, which reported that job growth for the month of January had exceeded expectations. The greenback was also affected by lower-than-expected figures reported for growth in average hourly earnings.

Amazing Trade Data Supports Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar fell against its US peer but was otherwise firm thanks to the amazing trade data released from Australia during the trading session.