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Loonie Falls vs. Greenback, Avoids Losses vs. Other Rivals

The Canadian dollar fell against its US peer on Monday as the shock of the surprise victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections continued to weigh on the currency. The loonie managed to gain on other most-traded rivals, like the euro and the Japanese yen.

NZ Dollar Lower vs. US Dollar, Bounce vs. Other Rivals

The New Zealand dollar traded lower versus its US peer but managed to rebound against such major rivals as the euro and the Japanese yen.

Dollar Ends Week Among Winners, Gets Beaten by Sterling

This was extremely volatile week due to the outcome of the US presidential elections that was uncertain till the very end. The US dollar came out among the strongest of the most-traded currencies after the result of the voting became clear, though the strongest one was the Great Britain pound.

Canadian Dollar Hurt by Oil Prices & Trump’s Victory

The Canadian dollar fell today, hurt by the drop of crude oil prices and concerns about the future of trading between the United States and Canada. The currency still managed to beat the very weak Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Attempts to Bounce, Fails

The Australian dollar was trying to rebound today after yesterday’s drop but failed. The currency has started a decline at about 10:45 GMT and continued to fall till now.

New Zealand Dollar Sinks for Second Day as RBNZ Cuts Interest Rates

The New Zealand dollar sank today after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand decided to cut its main interest rates. It was the second consecutive day of decline after victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump in the US presidential elections sent markets into disarray.

Canadian Dollar Strengthens as Markets Bet on Hillary’s Victory

The Canadian dollar gained on its major counterparts as market participants were speculating about the possible outcome of the US presidential elections. Economic data released from Canada over the trading session was not great, but it took the backseat to the US elections.

Australian Dollar Weak, Hurt by Soft Data from Australia & Abroad

The Australian dollar was soft today as economic data both domestic and from abroad was not particularly good. This added to the weakness caused by the uncertainty regarding the outcome of the US presidential elections.

Canadian Dollar Opens Sharply Higher as Week Starts with Shock

The Canadian dollar opened sharply higher against its major rivals as the news from the United States shocked markets. The currency struggles to establish a clear trend, though, rising against some peers but falling below the opening against others.

US Dollar Jitters as US Elections Come Closer

The US dollar ended the week rather soft as the upcoming US presidential elections overshadowed all other events. And as the outcome of the vote became more uncertain, traders were reluctant to hold the US currency.