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AUD/USD Preparing to Test the 0.7010 Level

The Australian dollar versus the United States dollar currency pair is getting very close to the 0.7010 level. Do the bulls still have enough traction to continue?

Canadian Dollar Flat As Oil Slumps, Manufacturing Rebounds

The Canadian dollar is trading flat against its G10 currency rivals at the end of the holiday-shortened trading week. The loonie has been gaining against several of its counterparts over the last week, despite an influx of disappointing economic data. With energy prices firmly rebounding and the investors selling the US dollar, could the Canadian dollar have a strong second half?

Aussie Beats Rivals with Help from Domestic & Chinese Economic Reports

The Australian dollar rose today. In fact, it was the strongest among most-traded currencies on the Forex market. The Aussie got a boost from positive macroeconomic data, both domestic and Chinese.

Inverted Head and Shoulders on USD/JPY from 108.05?

The United States dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair, at first glance, seems to be in bullish hands. But is it so?

US Dollar Stalls As Economy Creates 4.8 Million Jobs in June, Factory Orders Surge

The US dollar is stalling against many of its G10 currency rivals on Thursday after a strong and better-than-expected June jobs report. The stellar labor reading sparked a rally in the stock market, raising the risk tolerance of traders in equities. After the last couple of weeks of investors being spooked by a resurgence in coronavirus cases, the millions of new jobs suspended these fears for now.

Bulls on GBP/CAD Trying Their Best from 1.6800

The Great Britain pound versus the Canadian dollar currency pair seems not to be willing to go beneath 1.6724. Can the bulls put the double bottom formation to their use?

Rising Wedge on AUD/NZD at 1.0707?

The Australian dollar versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair seems to draw a falling wedge. Is this, finally, the moment the bears have been waiting for?

Canadian Dollar Strengthens on Better-Than-Expected April GDP

The Canadian dollar is strengthening on Tuesday after the economy’s April contraction was better than what the market had initially forecast. The loonie is also finding support in housing data, as well as investors exiting its American counterpart. The Canadian dollar will finish the month higher against the greenback.

GBP/USD Keeps Falling from 1.2514

The Great Britain pound versus the US dollar currency pair seems to be in bearish hands. Do the bulls still have any chances?

US Dollar Lackluster As COVID-19 Optimism, Strong Housing Data Weaken Safe-Haven Appeal

The US dollar is failing to muster up any momentum to kick off the trading week after experiencing a brief resurgence in recent sessions. The greenback is being weighed down by optimism that the latest surge in coronavirus cases could be easing and strengthening real estate data.