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Euro Rallies to 2-Week Highs on Positive Sentiment, Later Drops

The euro today extended last week’s gains against the US dollar driven largely by positive investor sentiment given the lack of major releases from the European docket. The EUR/USD currency pair rallied to 2-week highs in the mid-European session before dropping lower as investors became wary of current geopolitical conditions.

Euro Recovers After Losses Caused by Deutsche Bank

The euro was down intraday as investors were afraid that problems of Deutsche Bank may spill over the entire eurozone banking sector. Yet the currency managed to close above the opening level as fears receded.

US Dollar Mixed amid Barrage of News

The US dollar rose against the euro and the Swiss franc on Tuesday but was flat versus the Japanese yen and fell against other most-traded currencies. There were plenty of different factors contributing to the performance of the US currency.

Euro Mixed Against Other Majors

Euro is mixed against other major currencies today, thanks to a mixed bag of data. Even though the euro is off its recent highs against the US dollar, though, it is still turning in a strong performance against the greenback.

Euro Moving through Resistance

Euro is moving higher today, muscling through resistance even though the news out of the eurozone continues to disappoint. After bouncing off lows below 1.2900, euro touched a session high of 1.2966.

Franc, SNB & Euro-Peg: Can Swiss Central Bank Maintain Ceiling?

The Swiss National Bank took an unprecedented step to weaken the franc as it introduced a cap of 1.20 francs per euro back in September 6, 2011. The move followed several years of unsuccessful attempts to devaluate the currency. The announcement immediately met criticism from skeptics who did not believe that such a ceiling is sustainable. Was the intervention successful and, what is even more important, can the central bank to maintain […]

Franc Rises, Will SNB Intervention Follow?

The Swiss franc rose against the US dollar amid speculations that Greece is struggling to persuade creditors into forgiving part of the nation’s debt. The currency was falling against the euro and the yen on prospects for Swiss central bank’s intervention, but closed almost unchanged.

Pound Jumps to Highest Price in More Than a Year Against Euro

The Great Britain pound jumped against the euro to the highest level in more than a year as concerns about the problems of Europe made the UK currency more appealing. The sterling also advanced versus the Swiss franc, but dropped against the US dollar.

Swiss Franc Reaches Record vs. Euro

The Swiss franc jumped to the all-time high against the euro and climbed against other most-traded currencies on concerns that the European Union policy makers won’t be able to reach agreement about measures to deal with the sovereign debt.

Norwegian Krone Declines on Manufacturing & Crude Oil Prices

The Norwegian krone weakened today, posting the fourth day of losses versus the US dollar, after the report showed that the manufacturing expanded less than was predicted and as the crude oil prices declined.