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Euro Whipsaws on Conflicting German Headlines and Coronavirus

The euro today traded haphazardly against the US dollar oscillating between gains and losses as investors reacted to conflicting news reports about Germany’s fiscal policies. The EUR/USD currency pair rallied briefly then fell and later inched higher as the single currency failed to post sustained gains against the weak greenback.

Could the Euro be a Haven from the US Dollar?

Euro is slightly lower against the US dollar right now, but that doesn’t mean some sort of strength isn’t there. Indeed, with concerns about what crisis mongering will do to the US economy, some believe that the euro could act as a haven from the US dollar.

Ringgit Rises with Risk Appetite

The Malaysian ringgit rose today together with other currencies as the end to the US budget stalemate spurred risk appetite among Forex traders and boosted higher-yielding currencies.

US Dollar Index Drops Following Credit Rating Questions

The United States has been put on notice about its credit rating. Even though Congress managed to avert a default by raising the debt ceiling, some credit rating agencies have questions about what’s next. As a result, the US dollar is losing ground to its major counterparts.

Ruble Rises as Traders Still Do Not Expect Default in USA

The Russian ruble advanced today as traders returned to riskier assets, suggesting that they still hope for a positive outcome of the talks about raising the US debt ceiling.

US Dollar Gains Ground as Senate Leaders Negotiate

It’s been a bumpy ride for everyone involved in the politicking surrounding the current budget situation in the United States. Greenback is once again edging out its major counterparts as hopes for a deal rise a little bit after being dashed earlier.

ZEW Rises on Euro Outlook

Euro might struggling a little bit against the greenback still, but the 17-nation currency is hoping to see some improvement in the near future. The latest ZEW reading is at its highest point since April 2010, prompting hopes in a possible economic recovery for the eurozone.

Canadian Dollar Suffers from Fear of US Default

The Canadian dollar fell today against safer currencies as talks about the US debt ceiling drag on. The critical point is near as politicians have just two more days to resolve their disagreement or face a default.

Won Advances as Traders Optimistic About US Debt Ceiling Talks

The South Korean won advanced today as investors were buying nation’s assets on hopes that US politicians will be able to avoid default by raising the debt liming before the deadline on October 17.

US Dollar Gains as Rumors Swirl About a Shutdown Deal

Rumors are swirling about a possible deal to end the current partial government shutdown and even raise the debt ceiling in the United States. The shutdown has been in place since the beginning of October, and the borrowing authority of the US Treasury is expected to run out on October 17. However, there are hopes that the situation is on the verge of being resolved, and that is giving the greenback a boost.