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UK Pound Loses Ground on Growing Risk Aversion

After seeing some increases earlier, the UK pound is back to losing ground as risk aversion rises. Concerns about global economic growth, and disappointments about earnings news from stocks, are weighing on the pound.

GBP Higher vs. USD, Loses Gains vs. EUR & JPY

The Great Britain pound was mixed today. The sterling rose a little versus the US dollar, but erased its earlier gains against the euro and the Japanese yen. The European crisis increases attractiveness of the UK currency, but the domestic problems limit investors’ interest in the pound.

UK Pound Holds Its Own Against US Dollar

UK pound is holding its own against the US dollar, helped by a return to risk appetite. Without the general risk appetite, the pound would likely be struggling much more, as the British policymakers look for a way to boost the UK economy.

UK Pound Struggles Against Dollar on Recession Concerns

UK pound is struggling against the US dollar today, thanks in large part to concerns about a deepening recession. Fears about a British recession have been mounting in recent weeks, even with the Olympics being hosted in London. Economic focus is on the data in the United Kingdom, and it is doubtful that the Olympic Games are going to be able to counter that.

UK Pound Down Against Dollar, But Higher Against Euro

UK pound is mixed today, due to the situation in the markets. Pound is down against the US dollar as the risk rally from last week loses steam, but higher against the euro as traders wonder if the deals made at the European Union summit last week will actually last.

UK Pound Gets a Boost, Even with Bigger Deficit

Even though the UK pound saw a bigger than expected deficit, the UK pound is getting a boost today. Sterling is higher as some observers think that the latest developments will result in an end to the strict austerity measures, and help the United Kingdom start spending a little more to ease the current recession.

UK Pound Gains on Economic Data

UK pound is gaining today, thanks in part to better than expected economic data out of Great Britain. Good news is helping the pound against the US dollar and against the euro. While there are still some hurdles for sterling, right now the outlook is pretty good.

UK Pound Lower as Concern about Isolation Grows

Yesterday, UK pound gained solidly against the euro, but today some of those gains are being given back. UK pound is lower on a combination of risk aversion, as well as concerns as British politicians consider the effects of British isolation from the rest of the eurozone.

UK Pound Looks for Success Against the Euro

UK pound is heading higher against the euro right now, thanks to the news that Moody’s is planning to review many of the countries in the eurozone. The possibility of downgrades has been floated, and that is impacting the euro in its performance against the pound.

Unpleasant Week for Euro Ended

This week was expected to bring hopes for the eurozone and help the euro to end its downtrend. Instead, traders felt more disappointment than encouragement from news. The end of the week was somewhat brighter, but not much.