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Pound Ends Week with Huge Losses After Brexit Becomes Real

The major event for the week, overshadowing all others, was the referendum in Great Britain. And it resulted in a shocking outcome — Britons voted for leaving the European Union. Unsurprisingly, the Great Britain pound crashed hard after the result of voting had become clear.

UK Pound Dives on Brexit Fears

The Great Britain pound fell on Monday as the market was plagued by concerns that the United Kingdom may exit the European Union. Traders did not like the lack of clarity about whether Great Britain stays in the union or not as well as uncertainty about what an exit would mean for the economy of the country.

UK Pound Receives a Little Help for Now

UK pound is a little higher today, gaining against major counterparts as Forex traders consider the situation. The economic situation in the United Kingdom is difficult, and there are still concerns about an exit from the European Union to weigh on the sterling in the future.

UK Pound Mostly Rangebound Today

UK pound is mostly rangebound today, thanks to a lack of new data. Additionally, a recent speech from David Cameron has many speculating about the United Kingdom’s relationship to the European Union.

Euro Jumps Against Other Majors Despite Concerns About EU Integrity

The euro jumped against the basket of major currencies today, surging more than 1 percent versus the US dollar and the Great Britain pound. The currency has rallied even though there are significant concerns about the integrity of the European Union.

Conservative Win Propels UK Pound Higher

UK pound is surging today, thanks to the probable win for the Conservatives. It looks as though David Cameron is likely to remain Prime Minister, and that is leading to strong support for the sterling across the board.

UK Pound Higher, Even After CPI Disappointment

The UK pound is higher today, gaining ground even after the latest CPI data shows that inflation remains below 2 per cent. The news isn’t phasing the sterling, which is higher against most of its major counterparts.

UK Pound Drops on More Disappointing Economic Data

UK pound is heading lower today, dropping as additional disappointing economic data comes in. This time, it’s construction declines weighing on the British currency. Concerns about the economic recovery in the United Kingdom are sending the pound lower today, even though sterling saw some progress earlier.

Improved Jobs Data Helps UK Pound

UK pound is heading higher today, thanks in large part to better than expected jobs data. Between signs of economic improvement, and good news out of the eurozone, the UK pound is finding some solid support today.

UK Pound Struggles on Latest Economic Data

UK pound is struggling with the release of the latest data, but it is still maintaining the upper hand against the US dollar, which is falling as concerns about continued easing weigh on the greenback. The UK economy continues to struggle, and Mervyn King is calling for more stimulus from the Bank of England.