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Aussie Sinks After Inflation Misses Expectations

The Australian dollar sank today after inflation data missed market expectations, fueling speculations about a potential interest rate cut from the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Loonie Gains on CPI & Trade Balance, Struggles to Keep Gains

The Canadian dollar gained on Wednesday thanks to positive domestic macroeconomic data. At the start of Thursday’s trading session the currency was losing its gains.

NZ Dollar Drops After Inflation Misses Expectations

The New Zealand dollar dropped on Wednesday after domestic inflation data disappointed traders, increasing bets on an interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

British Pound Hits New Weekly Lows As UK Inflation Disappoints

The Sterling pound today fell against the US dollar as UK inflation missed expectations to extend the pound’s losses against the greenback. The GBP/USD currency pair was also weighed down by the deadlock in Brexit negotiations between Theresa May‘s government and the opposition party.

Factors Affecting New Zealand Dollar During Week of 15-19 April 2019

The New Zealand dollar performed well during the past trading week. What factors will be affecting the currency during the current week?

Aussie Drops Despite Positive Inflation Data in China

The Australian dollar was soft today despite positive macroeconomic data in China, Australia’s biggest trading partner. Domestic data was not particularly good, but was not that bad either, certainly not enough to hurt the currency significantly. Today’s drop was not nearly enough to erase yesterday’s big rally, though, and the Aussie remains one of the strongest currencies for the week.

US Dollar Ends Wednesday Soft Despite CPI, FOMC Minutes

The US dollar ended Wednesday’s trading week in red basically across the board. That is surprising considering that domestic fundamentals look positive for the US currency.

Norwegian Krone Jumps After Inflation Data

The Norwegian krone climbed today, reaching the highest level for the year against the euro. The reason for the sharp rise was the better-than-expected inflation print released during the trading session.

Japanese Yen Attempts to Rebound After Falling on Market Sentiment, Domestic Reports Helpful

Japan’s macroeconomic data released during the Friday’s trading session was good for the most part, but that did not prevent the Japanese yen from falling due to mild risk appetite on the Forex market. Yet currently, the yen is trying to rebound and has basically erased losses versus some of its major rivals, including the euro and the Great Britain pound.

Japanese Yen Drops as Market Sentiment Stabilizes, BoJ Doesn’t Help

The Japanese yen was the weakest currency on the Forex market today as the risk sentiment stabilized. Releases from the Bank of Japan did nothing to help the currency.