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Chinese Yuan Rises As Industrial Output, Stimulus Boost Economy

The Chinese yuan is rallying at the end of the trading week, buoyed by better industrial output and continued stimulus by the federal government. Despite Beijing noting that economic growth is improving, analysts are still encouraging the government to maintain its interventionist policies – both monetary and fiscal.

Chinese Yuan Weakens As Stimulus Kicks In

The Chinese yuan is weakening to start the trading week as new economic data suggests that the federal government’s stimulus program may finally be seeping into the economy. On Monday, a couple of new reports and forecasts suggest an improvement for the world’s second-largest economy in recent months after a brutal 2018. With the US-China trade war in its end days, the economy might finally kick into overdrive.

Could Copper Hold the Key to Loonie Performance?

Canadian dollar is higher today, and so are copper prices. While we often think of the loonie as a petrocurrency, the truth might be that it is really more closely related to copper — and that might be giving the Canadian dollar a boost today.

Chinese Default Makes Chilean Peso Worst Performer on FX Market

The Chilean peso sank yesterday, being the worst performer on the Forex market, as copper prices slumped after the news about a company default in China. It spurred fears and drove investors away from raw materials and commodity-related currencies.

Loonie Rides Higher on Back of Commodities’ Rally

The Canadian dollar advanced today with help of rising commodity prices. Loonie’s performance is strongly correlated to moves of prices for raw materials.

Chilean Peso Retreats on Fears of Intervention

The Chilean peso fell as signs of economic slowdown in the South American country fueled speculations that the central bank may ease its monetary policy to stem the currency’s strength.

CAD Gains on USD, Weakens vs. EUR

The Canadian dollar advanced against its US peer today as metal prices surged, increasing the appeal of the currency related to commodities. At the same time, the loonie went down against the euro on slowing housing in Canada.

Chilean Peso Higher as Economic Activity Beats Forecasts

The Chilean peso advanced on speculations that monetary stimulus in Europe will bolster economic growth of the South American nation, which continues to beat analysts’ forecasts.

Chilean Peso Goes Higher with Copper on Optimistic Mood

The Chilean peso rose today as copper jumped, bolstered by the optimistic outlook for resolution of the debt crisis in the European Union.

European Problems Have Negative Impact on Canada’s Currency

The Canadian dollar weakened today as the sovereign-debt crisis in Europe saps demand for riskier assets and drive commodity prices down, making the Canadian currency less attractive to Forex trading. The currency advanced against the euro.